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Caislin Hallows vs. Naiser Vale : This is a tale of two villages one of medieval, one of modern. While there is a mysterious fog that connects them where the water divides.

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List of Stock Abilities

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1 List of Stock Abilities on Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:24 am


The following is a list of standard abilities people can have for their character. These are, by no means, the only abilities available. The ones listed are simply ones that are not too specific to one character and for which the administration has already determined the AP costs. While some of these abilities came from specific character’s sheets, a more generalized form has been included here. We thank anyone who has supplied a creative ability that we included here (It means you did something really eye-catching and we want others to see it!). If one of your abilities is on here and you want it removed so others are less inclined to use it, please inform an administrator. Some abilities are preferred or suggested for specific “races” or “classes” of characters, which be listed in a set of parenthesis following the ability.

The rules and costs for both Shifting Abilities and Pets/Familiars/Companions are listed in Character Creation and Balancing.

List of Stock Abilities, listed in order of AP cost:

  • Claws: Nails can morph into sharp claws that cut like daggers.—1AP
  • Aura of Fear: Chance of scaring someone senseless.—1AP
  • Beast Speech: Character can communicate with animals. Commands can be given, but the animal is not obligated to obey.—1AP
  • Night Sight: Perfect night vision.—1AP
  • Glow: The character can glow. The light is enough to see roughly 20ft.—1AP
  • Charm: Fascinate a person or animal more easily.—1AP
  • Dominate: Give an order that there is a change the person will be compelled to obey.—1AP
  • Extended Voice: The character’s voice carries twice as far as normal without sounding louder. Whisper to someone in normal speaking range. Speak to someone in shouting range. Shout twice as far as normal. Etc. (Siren, Bard)—1AP
  • Hear My Voice: The character’s voice resonates in the ears of anyone within ear shot, allowing them to hear the character’s words clearly regardless of other noises. The character may designate specifically who can and cannot hear him/her. If not specified, all within earshot hear the character clearly.(Siren, Bard)—1AP
  • Blinding Flash: The character can create a bright flash that blinds anyone nearby for one post.—1AP
  • Mist Form: The character can become a mist. While in this form, the character cannot attack or cast spells and can move quickly. The character is subject to winds and being caught in an sealed area (Perfect seal, like a jar).—1AP

  • Follow My Song: The character may beckon all in earshot to him/her by the sound of his/her song alone. He/she must specify that he/she is using this ability. He/she may not specify anyone in particular. All who can hear will feel compelled to approach him/her. [May be stacked with Soothing Song.](Siren, Bard)—2AP
  • Blinding UV Flash: The character can create a bright flash that blinds anyone nearby for one post. There is a small amount of UV light within the flash that is capable of burning exposed vampiric flesh (1st Degree Burns).—2AP
  • Levitation: The character can levitate but not fly. Movement is largely upward with very limited right, left, forward, backward motion. Movement is also slow.—2AP

  • Soothing Song: The character's song lulls all who hear it into a state of nonviolence. Other players are compelled to cease hostile actions. After one post, characters will be compelled to stop all hostile actions. After two posts, characters will become drowsy. After three posts, characters will fall asleep and not wake until after the song has ended. [May be stacked with Follow My Song. Character must designate if she wants Soothing Song to end before Follow My Song.] (Siren, Bard)—3AP
  • Cacoon: The character is wrapped in some material that completely conceals and shields them. Character is immobile while ability is active. Character’s damage threshold is increased to 3x.—3AP
  • Doppelganger: The character summons a double (called a doppelganger) to help them in combat. The doppelganger will not initiate attacks and will only mimic the actions of the character. There is a 50% chance that the doppelganger will turn hostile towards the character and attack them (Players must take this seriously). Summoning the doppelganger is a prepared action. At the start of the post following the summoning post, the doppelganger will be present. The doppelganger lasts for five posts (or minutes).—3AP
  • True Sight: The character can see through illusions (visual only) and see magically concealed (indivisibility spells) object/characters.--3AP

  • Invisibility: The character can become invisible. While invisible, the character cannot attack and cannot cast spells or even start any preparations.—5AP (Cost is somewhat debatable and requires Admin Permission.)
  • Combat Flight: The character can fly during combat.—5AP (Cost is somewhat debatable)

    Examples of Fluff Abilities (Ones that are neat to read but are little more than story and don't provide much real benefit and therefore cost 0AP.):
  • Immortality: The character can't die.--No character can actually die on the forum unless it is a "player vs. player duel" that is "to the death" agreed upon by all parties and approved by an administrator.

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