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Caislin Hallows vs. Naiser Vale : This is a tale of two villages one of medieval, one of modern. While there is a mysterious fog that connects them where the water divides.

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The Silent Lad Returns to the Hallows

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1 The Silent Lad Returns to the Hallows on Thu Aug 09, 2012 4:30 pm

Logan MacConnell

Logan MacConnell
It has been quite a while since he came back here. The young lad with the inability to utter a word. Some people think that the took an oath of silence, while others think that it is just shyness. Logan MacConnell, a lycanthrope, who takes a lonely dark path in the never-ending darkness of solitude. It is better this way since he prefer the quiet life with no endless solitude. The night seems quiet with the stars on the nightly sky with the crescent moon on that sky right on the perfect spot. The wolves howl right at the moon can he heard through the ears of the silent person.

He is found standing rather still at the bridge from the Old District. His face and those cold teal eyes are rather hidden thanks to the hoodie over it. It almost seem better this way. He was gone. Gone from far too long. One day, he just disappeared without a trace with is tan duffle bag with the essentials.

He doesn’t told them where he was, but it was better this way. He was the only lycan in existence and he needed some time to be away, to find himself. For recollection, to see if he‘s on the dark path. Back to Caislin Hallows. Those cold teal eyes sees night sky above him with a soft exhale from his lips. Its been too long. He wonders if anyone would recognize him, and he didn’t notices the changes that’s been going on.

It was strange for him to not notice the changes that’s been going on. Still, the silent lad pay no mind to the changes as he, too, has change. His demeanor remain calm, cold, and distant after all. He pays no mind to the others around him. It is basically his nature to observe and be…distant to those around him. His wardrobe is basically the same thing he usually wears. His long-sleeve orange shirt with his black leather jacket with the feathered hoodie to over his shirt and his medium-built physique. His blue jeans hangs down to his ankles with a black leather belt around his waist to hold up those pants. Finally, the tradition white socks and black boots on both of his feet. His left hand is covered in bandage all the way to his wrist. That, and the shackle that’s embedded on the wrist is gone from existence.

Logan straightened up the strap of his duffel bag to straighten it up. The silent lad gaze around him. It was rather quiet on the bridge, only the sounds of crickets chirping and the wolves howling. The silent lad begins to move forward across the bridge, only looking forward. The boots meets the wooden floor with a soft thud as Logan walks across the bridge to go back to the Hallows. The place that he once resides. Still, it is a nice night to be walking on the bridge. It appears to be rather…romantic so to say.

2 Re: The Silent Lad Returns to the Hallows on Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:46 pm


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The night starry sky, how it twinkled with such glory the way the stars shone in the dark black sky lighting up the earth beneath her leather sandaled feet. Not a cloud in the sky made the every corner of nature light up with the bright soft light of the stars. She had begun walking through the fields and trails between town and Caislin Hallows more frequently the last few months, off set by the major change in the way things were working, she had become like those around her lost and a student once again. Still in her heart she felt like the young twenty year olds that ran around the school in their youth experiencing the exciting faults of the world around them.

Still her mind was up in the sky, her eyes directed on the stars and the groups of gases that hung over her head, one too many light years out of her grasp. A deep sigh escaped her lips, a single hand raised up and stroked the tips of her fingertips through the long curled blonde locks that usually bounced around her face, lifting and pushing them over her shoulders in one gentle sweep. Bright eyes stared up at the sky above her head, reflections of the stars sparkling within her eyes and sinking into the pale skin soft as milk, yet it sunk into the darkness of her soft brown dress that clung gently to her shoulders and hips, a light sundress that bared her shoulders and below her knee to the star light.

The night had been so generous to her, allowing her a cloudless and moonless night, eerie in itself but it was such a beautiful and rare sight that she was more than thankful for. Caislin Hallows has had some change to it since she was teaching in the classroom, and even then things were slightly off but this could have been portrayed by her usual sync of emotions with catching certain features of the people around her, yet as of late she had been adapting to the new types of people and the cultures that proceeded them.

With a deep breath she stepped out from the tightly knit weave of trail that snaked through pieces of the forest from Caislin Hallows. She moved into the more modern part of town right on the edge of the old town, she adored this little house on the corner of Alistair and Caislin so she had found some people, made a few new friends and purchased her little tall windowed porch lit home. She fell in love with it, for it held ceiling windows to allow for star gazing at all times, and a green house blessed with plants that came alive at night. It had been a few days since she had been home, cleaning out her offices at the school, talking to people about moving the telescope from the school to her back yard which she would have to build an entire looking house for.

Her mind was so distracted as she came towards the bridge that would lead her across to the towns on the other side that she barely noticed the boy on the bridge with a duffel bag over his shoulders. As her sandal hit the wood of the bridge her mind snapped back to the earth around her and she stopped with one foot on the bridge the other still on the earth as her eyes spotted the man. Her heart skipped a beat as she looked upon the stranger in the dark, it was a shock to see someone on the trails so late. Most people were day time people it seemed, always so busy to rush every where.

A sheepish smile stretched over her thinly curved lips, causing a curve in her cheek which spotted the soft dimple against her skin. ”Oh… Hello..’’ Her head tilted slightly to the side, blonde curls pillowing over her right shoulder softly extending across the upper body. She stopped in spot, pulling both feet onto the wooden bridge the step echoing softly in the empty space beneath the wood.

3 Re: The Silent Lad Returns to the Hallows on Mon Aug 13, 2012 5:01 pm

Logan MacConnell

Logan MacConnell
Quiet. Silence. Solitude. These are the things that describe this night. This late night returning to the Hallows is rather calm for this silent lad. He was away, away for so long that no one know where he was or where he has been. He had to return to his home. The place where he was born and the place where his nightmares begins. The fingers of his bandaged hand twitched from the thought of his home. The abandoned church in Scotland. The place was still the same, the remnants of old decaying building that he once raised and reside in. The inside was like he used to be. The angel in the end, looking old and rather the same. The paintings still looks beautiful, but alas with age. They are the remnants of the past.

As the silent youth was reminiscing about his trip back to Scotland, he thought that he heard something not far from here. His head shook himself back to reality. Logan basically stops in his tracks only to look forward and looks around with those cold hues of his. Hmm. Maybe…. Nah. Nevermind… Just the wind. Lightly shaking it off as it is just the wind playing mind tricks. His right hand holds the strap that holds the duffel bag over his shoulders and continues on across the bridge. Things seems rather quiet when there is a voice. It was a hello. Again Logan stops and stands rather still as a statue. The boy was silent. There isn’t a single word. Not even a hello from his lips. He’s just standing here. Those lips quivers only to muster the courage to speak. To utter a word in response for the hello, but couldn’t. He couldn’t speak, because of his disability. He’s mute. His voice box no longer functions properly, so he uses either the notepad or sign language for communication.

His head turns to the direction of the voice only to see someone, but couldn’t see it clearly with those teal eyes. So, he closes both of those hues and takes a deep breath and exhales softly. Both hues open only to reveal yellow eyes. The eyes that can see clearly in the dark while those facial feature are hidden in the hoodie. Logan sees a woman. A blonde haired woman at this time of night and she looks pretty. He turns almost fully towards her to get a better look. Logan never seen her before. A part of him wonders what is she doing here at this time of night.

The boy was rather still, only looking at her as if she is waiting for a response from him. So, he took a first step towards the woman. The boots hits the wood with a thud as the lad approach her. Step by step, the boy moves closer to her only to stop with a two feet distance between them. He can see it clearly, her smile on her face. The boy’s face remain calm and neutral as the right hand slowly moves the strap from his shoulder as the duffel bag slumps to the shoulder to the wood beside him.

The left hand, that is bandaged to from his fingertips to his wrist, slides inside his jacket pocket to grab the notepad with the pen from within his jacket pocket. He pulls it out and flips to a clean page, his right hand grabs the pen from the spiral and clicks it. His gaze moves down to the notepad only to write the five simple letters in normal handwriting. ~Hello~ Once done, he takes two more steps and shows her what he wrote. The word that is written on the notepad. He shows her the word for a moment before he moves the notepad back and writes another message underneath the hello. ~Sorry. I….didn’t know that people wander at this time of night…~ Once done he, shows her the message that he wrote with his left hand to see what he had wrote. Now, he is standing there waiting for her response of his messages.

4 Re: The Silent Lad Returns to the Hallows on Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:48 pm


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With both feet on the bridge, her heart started to beat quicker in her chest as the man just turned and stared at her. The silence was torturing in her soul as she stood still in the darkness, only one thing caught her eye and it was the glow of yellow eyes coming towards her. It was almost like being hunted, sitting and waiting for the moment to pounce upon the prey, goosebumps covered her arms and chest, even her neck and part of her cheek. Her face shown she was shy and it faced the floor allowing tumbles of blonde curls to cascade over her shoulders, bunching carefully over the top of the sundress. Her face flushed only slightly as she grew slightly worried of the man walking towards her, the yellow eyes the glowed with such a deep color made every nerve stiff in her body. Her heart was beating so loud, she couldn’t even hear the sound of his footsteps as he gained ground on her, it was as loud as a drum next to her ear. It felt like her heart was going to burst through her throat at any moment, she could only watch and wait as the man came closer to her.

She didn’t know if what she had done was the right thing to do or not, on such a beautiful starry night, she couldn’t imagine the night turning into disarray, she wanted to very much go to her little home in the center of the two split towns and enjoy her night time view through the ceilings. Yet here she stood, like a deer caught in the headlights, except her headlights were bright and yellow, staring her down at this very moment. She could hear her heart beat clearly through her chest, which made her wonder if he could hear it as he stood only a few feet away from her. She watched his movements carefully and as he pulled the note pad from his pocket her heart almost stopped. Watching carefully, her tense nerves relaxed and she became the smiling star-lit maiden once again. ’’Oh…’’ She could feel her heart skip a beat as she began to relax in his presence and in this she released a sigh of relief. She watched as he scribbled onto the note pad and then in turn reveal what he had written to her. Carefully she leaned forwards on the sandal toes and squinted slightly to read what he wrote.

With a gentle giggle that echoed like a soft melody into the darkness one hand quickly raised to cover the smile that spread across her thin lips, her eyes moving from the note pad back to the yellow glow that was now almost ensnaring, delightful to watch. ’’Well, it is quite unusual for most people to be walking around so late in the night but it’s something I’ve become accustom to over my years of teaching Astrology. Long night staring up at the stars… Learning, always learning…’’ Her smile returned once more, this time almost stuck on her thin lips as her vision returned to the man before her. Her eyes watched his hands carefully, taking notice of every detail of this man. She wasn’t quick to judge but she was very observant and she loved detail which this man had quite a bit of. Unique like the stars she stared at up above their heads at this very moment. ’’You’re a mute aren’t you?’’ Her eyes widened as she watched him carefully, her smile still on her lips as her hands moved and hooked onto her hips head tilting just to the side as her eyes kept watching carefully on his eyes.

Strange, seeing another under the starlight as she tried to head home, especially one with such eyes that just stole her attention from everything she was rushing home to. Strange, very strange but her eyes spoke another tune that wasn’t so strange. Curiosity perhaps stole her heart away, speaking of it had calmed down and wasn’t beating so loudly against her chest. ’’Please don’t be offended by it, it’s such a rarity… Very unique…It’s very…’’ Her thoughts trailed and she just seemed to be unable to put the correct word in place with the sentence. ’’Anyways… It was a beautiful night to be star-gazing, so I’ve spent most of the evening in the Telescopic Lab off in the hills…Quite a splendor…’’ She spoke in almost broken sentences as she was still stunned from the hunt of prey and the spell of yellow eyes that had completely captivated her curiosity.

5 Re: The Silent Lad Returns to the Hallows on Wed Aug 15, 2012 2:10 am

Logan MacConnell

Logan MacConnell
Those gleaming yellow hues gaze upon the woman only to listen with intent. The silent lad stands rather still with notepad in hand. That bandaged hand holds the notepad as a means of communication. There’s that smile again. That smile. He saw many people smile back then in the Hallows. He, too, smiled as any boy would, but now there’s a calm and emotionless boy. When she spoke about Astrology and staring up the stars, he gaze up at the night sky to see those stars above. Stars…huh… Astrology. The subject is new to the boy, but yet again the only classes that he has been in the Hallows was Survival and Empathy class. He kind of enjoyed both of the classes, but it was getting bored really quickly.

Then, a thought came to mind. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to come here. Too many memories. Both good and bad ones. He’s afraid. The fear of becoming too attached to them. Fear of them knowing that he’s a lycanthrope and the possibility of being thrown out of town. No. I must not think about that. The probably of that happening is slim to none. I’m being careful after all. He closes those yellow eyes as another soft exhale from his pale lips. Those eyes opens as it remains the same gleaming yellow. However, his calm demeanor became like shattered glass when Logan listened to those words.

‘You’re a mute aren’t you?’

His eyes grow wide only to turn his form away from her. How….did she know!? It was the question that comes to mind. Did someone tell her? Does she knows about the silent lad? He quickly shakes his head, thinking that it is impossible since he barely knew her. Besides, this is the first person that he sees since his return. A hand, that holds the notepad, slides it right inside the jacket pocket. Several scenarios runs within his mind, trying to find the best one to deal with this situation. Should he run? No. Running is for cowards and he doesn’t like being a coward. There’s another solution, but he doesn’t want to go that far unless it was deem necessary. For now, he’ll remain calm and collected. Logan turns back around to face her with that calm look on his face. He listens to her about being unique and rare for a boy such as him to have a disability. There’s nothing special about it. It was the drug’s fault that made him mute. Oh how he can be speak like any other person, but that was like a fleeting memory, a dream that will never come true.

A sigh is made, a normal sigh flowing from his lips with a thought, Humans are rather….strange, and yet…they’re…nice. A hand reach back inside the pocket to get the notepad from the pocket while the pen is on the other hand. He flips it to the new page only to write in normal handwriting. ~I’m….not offended, just….shocked. To answer your question, yes. I’m….a mute. Though, I’m quite surprised that you…guessed or know. Some people think that I’ve took an oath of silence or I’m just…shy. However, I’ve gotten used to it. I…used this, so its no big deal.~

Logan basically stops only to listen more about stars. A lone brow is raised ever so slightly by this, maybe he can divulge into this; the world of stars. Anyway, Logan continues writing down a message. ~Yeah. The night is very beautiful and all. Besides, when I look at the stars in the nightly sky. Its makes feel calm. Almost….soothing. Your right. It is quite breathtaking, but as you can say a beginner at what you called. Astrology? Anyway, you are look at me rather…funny. Is there…something on my face?~ Once he wrote the message, he clicks the pen and takes just another step as he shows her the messages that he wrote with those yellow hues gazing right at the woman.

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