Caislin Hallows

Caislin Hallows vs. Naiser Vale : This is a tale of two villages one of medieval, one of modern. While there is a mysterious fog that connects them where the water divides.

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Once again...

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1Once again... Empty Once again... on Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:27 pm


Two things:

First, for the time being, no player will be allowed to have multiple active characters. If anyone has multiple characters, they will be asked to choose to play only one and to discontinue playing as the others for the meantime. Secondary characters will not be required to delete. Players who cannot meet this requirement will have all but their top-posting character banned for a span of one month.

Second, while life happens, generally people know well in advance when they will be gone for a span of more than a few days. In terms of forum posting, a few days does not often mean much, but when players are gone for weeks or even months, it would be polite and respectful to their fellow members if they were to post a notice before-hand. Even just asking another member to do it for you is fine, but please, members should stop simply disappearing and leaving other members hanging in the middle of a thread. It is just rude.

Please comply to these regulations so that the administration does not have to step in. We like it even less than you do. And as a reminder, all policies are intended to improve the forum and are in place for a reason (typically several).

Otherwise, I hope everyone is enjoying their time on the forum. Carry on.

2Once again... Empty Re: Once again... on Thu Aug 16, 2012 2:41 am


Mikel expressed to me that he might be gone for a month or so. There is a chance that he might log in or be back before the month time frame is over.

But I thought I would share.

I know I'm enjoying my time here!

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