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Caislin Hallows vs. Naiser Vale : This is a tale of two villages one of medieval, one of modern. While there is a mysterious fog that connects them where the water divides.

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Why Run When You Can Jump

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1 Why Run When You Can Jump on Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:42 pm

Katie Jumper

Katie Jumper
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The last words heard from the unusual Caucasian that resided in the heart of Xi’an in the Province of Shaanxi. It had been, five or six years since Katie was trapped inside of the walls of training and punishment. Since she was ordered every day, and forgotten in the crowd of faces. That was probably the very last time Katie sat still for more than a couple days, since then she has been moving across the planet, becoming an unrespectable person in society. A thief? An adventurer? A bored girl in the daily routines of the public that was all. These every day routines grew old fast, and the young girl had no want or need to sit still and follow people to and from work. The woman held her hands out before her, stretching the arms as the hazy eyes wandered over a photo album book that lain open on a table before her.

’’Where to go today….’’ With a deep sigh she closed the photo album, only to let it drop open to a randomly selected page. That’s where the color of a deep green caught her eyes, the rolling hills of lush green with castles and small villages. Her mind ran wild with the thought of what Ireland looked this very day, how far advanced could it have been from these pictures? Her head shook, vibrating the long red strings of hair that held in a pony tail tight on the top of her head. Still standing the woman took a few steps across a cluttered room and picked up a bright orange sweater with the words ‘’Why Run?’’ Across the front and back of the sweater, and pulled it on zipping it up. Her hazy eyes searched across the room, and found her hip bag.

She couldn’t carry purses or backpacks with her, so she started carrying hip bags, easy to hide under her shirt and completely un-noticeable that held some of the money she had….Collected… Over the years. Just enough for emergencies, hotel room, clothing, fines… ‘’Ireland…Naiser Vail…Hmm… Sure why not..’’ She pulled the picture of Ireland out of her photo album and stared at it for a moment, concentrating on the green hills and the castle looming on the hill. She stared at the little town that was old, old world as in no fancy shops or internet. She stared at the picture for a moment longer, just enough to gather her thoughts and position herself in the picture in her mind. She had no need to look at a map, because maps surrounded every piece of wall around her, she could see what the lateral angles for Ireland was, so she just had to pin point it to Naiser Vail and this town she could see in the picture.

Her thought complete as she dropped the picture back onto the table, her entire form disappearing from sight, almost like she had never been there at all. The picture fell to the photo album and her room was empty once again.

The next things her senses could grasp was the sounds of chitter chatter all around her, voices echoed through shop walls and the rustling of feet made her pull her eyes open. Her hands rose to her eyes and rubbed gently at them as she adjusted to the sunlight. Then they rose through the long strings of red, pulling them back as they moved to the back of her head, pulling the pony tail a bit tighter as she ran her fingertips over the skull badge that sat on the pony tail. Hazy eyes opened wide and stared around at the people around her the stores that were not what she had seen in the picture. So Naiser Vail had updated since the picture it was last in. And now she was lost where she could have been, all she knew for sure was that she was at least in the right area of the island.

’’Hey… Nice.’’ A grin slipped over thin pink lips, and quickly she reached to the front of her shirt and pulled rounded rose tinted sunglasses off it’s hook on her shirt and placed them on her nose. Staring around for a moment, lanky pale arms reached up and crossed beneath her chest and she started to walk forwards, her eyes peering into the corners of the town, looking at all the little modern day shops they had and how cutely everyone was dressed in the styles of today. She was too down on the island when she thought it would have been stuck in the past, but again you jump and take a chance, you never know what you’ll find out. Carefully Katie took her time, peering into the windows of the shops looking through their little collections. ’’So cute!’’ She exclaimed to what seemed herself as she stared at a cupcake through the window, in the shape of a little skull just like the one she had in her hair.

2 Re: Why Run When You Can Jump on Sat Jun 16, 2012 1:59 am

Okiku Fuyu

Okiku Fuyu
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It was another lively say in the village, with the towns folk running the errands for the day. Even something was out just taking in the bright sun, that sat happily in the partly clear skies. Marshmallow clouds idly rolled across the ocean of blue. Even Okiku couldn't help to be out and do some shopping.

Starting off at walking passed the Nimble Needle, window shopping like she mostly did every week. If she could she would buy out the tailor of every outfit he owned.

Normally she would be dressed in her school's outfit, but deciding to take a more traditional attire from home. A gentle light blue kimono adorn the lithe body of Okiku, a mixture of pink and white roses ran up and down the silk cloth. Her geta even matched the hand dyed attire. Her obi was pure white and formed a large rose on her back. Even her hair was actually loose for once, reaching just passed her shoulder. Her bangs swooped over her right eye hiding it from view.

Her day was mainly filled with walking and just enjoying the sounds of nature. Her ears flicked about while her tail swish behind her, clearly showing how happy she was. With her hands nearly held in front of her as she strolled through town. Today was so great it, needed to end on a sweet note. Nothing could complete this task than a cupcake at her favorite bakery.

There was a nice little shop close to the dividing river, it didn't take her long to make it down and into the shoppe. The golden gate ways she called her eyes, browsed through all the various choices. But finally deciding upon the skull cupcake they had advertised in the window. "Can I get one of those in the window please?" The red headed woman behind the corner nods before disappear into the back. While she was gone, dainty fingers slip into the dangling purse. Handing the woman the needed money and leaves with her food.

Soon as he pulls it out of the small white bag to take a bite, she catches glimpse of Katie staring into the window. "Why don't you go in and get one? They're pretty good."

3 Re: Why Run When You Can Jump on Fri Jun 22, 2012 4:38 pm

Katie Jumper

Katie Jumper
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The sound of doors opening and closing, words being tossed around from person to person. The sounds of the city catching her ear as she quickly stood tall and let her eyes wash over the city, watching as people enjoyed their walks through the streets. She could see she wasn’t the only one window shopping today, perhaps this little town was something of a hidden treasure that she wouldn’t have found unless she took a ‘jump’. With a grin slipping across her lips, the right hand rose up pulling its way up to the delicately rounded face, cupping the chin of it as she turned to face the window of the cupcake shop once again. Then another face appeared in the window reflection beside her own, yet something was very strange about the feminine face next to her.

Quickly after the one beside her spoke, her body straightened and she stood tall as she looked at the person next to her. Dressed in something that her eye could catch and recognize immediately as something from the countries she was raised in. Carefully she raised her eyes from the body of the girl beside her, and to the face that was surrounded by a few things she had never seen on a human before, perhaps her mind was rushing quickly and her actions pulled her mind to far this time. Quickly her head shook and looked into the eyes of the other that stood beside her. With a small smile piercing over her face, pulling thin ruby lips against dimples in the softly tinted skin. ’’Temptation is the devil dear, and luck is merely the opportunity of similarities…’’

For a moment her eyes fell against the skull candy cupcake once again, carefully both hands lifted and brushed through the strands of red, touching against the skull button in her hair. Perhaps similarities are meant to be acted upon, yet this choice seemed a bit to obvious to be laid out so delicately. Quickly her eyes left the window of the shop and returned to the other that stood beside her. ’’It does look absolutely delicious though. How are you enjoying it?’’ The woman’s arms crossed over her stomach, hugging softly onto the new age Kimono she dawned. Unusual, perhaps but to her it was the uprising of style and luxury in a confined female aspect. The Kimono instead of loose and open it was snugged against the form of her body, slender around the hips, loosening as it reached the ground. Green with bright yellow flowers and vines strewn across it, flowing into the silver lining.

4 Re: Why Run When You Can Jump on Sat Jun 23, 2012 10:01 pm

Okiku Fuyu

Okiku Fuyu
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She couldn't help but giggle at the stranger's comment, even though it was true. Breaking off a small piece of the fluffy pastry, with a little flick of her wrist. The small object ended up in her mouth, followed by a soft moan of delight. "It's like a little piece of heaven!" Her large amber pools couldn't help but wonder of the girl, a small smile spread across her nude lips. It was actually nice to see another wearing a kimono like her's in some ways.

"Are you new to the town, I believe I never seen you around here before." From all her walks through the village, she had thought she seen ever face in the town. Her curious nature was more curse, it ended up getting her in trouble most of the time. After a moment she realized she hadn't introduced herself. Placing her treat back into bag it came in, moving her hands in front of her. Bowing slightly toward young woman for only a brief second. "My name is Fuyu... Fuyu Okiku. It's a pleasure to meet you. Ms.?"

5 Re: Why Run When You Can Jump on Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:18 pm

Katie Jumper

Katie Jumper
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When the other exclaimed that it was a little piece of heaven Katie couldn't help but laugh just a bit, causing her head to tilt back and her locks of red to buschel over her shoulders like cascading water. "A little piece of heaven huh? That does sound mighty tempting... Hmmm... Her eyes went back to the bakers window and stared at the treats that laid within the glass case. With a gentle smile pulling at her cheeks, pressing dimples into the skin.

"Its a pleasure to meet you Fuyu Okiku, I am Katie Jumper, you may just call me Katie." A single hand raised up and brushed through her medium length bangs and gently touched against the skull hair clip that held at the top-side of her head. With her smile fading against her cheeks she gave a quick nod of her head. "Well I thought since I've never seen Ireland or its surrounding areas before I would come and see how much the city has chang geek ed since. the pictures in the magazine I have were taken almost two years ago.
It is very beautiful though, I do like how they have modernized the area's
With that she turned on her heel, once and for all putting the bakery behind .her,.swearing she wouldn't to near it again

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