Caislin Hallows

Caislin Hallows vs. Naiser Vale : This is a tale of two villages one of medieval, one of modern. While there is a mysterious fog that connects them where the water divides.

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goodbye Caislin Hallows

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1 goodbye Caislin Hallows on Thu Aug 16, 2012 11:50 am


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No Rank
I can't say much, just that I'll only miss one person, the person that I was roleplaying with. I'm sorry that apparently I'm so much of a disappointment that you feel the need to give your supposed friend shit for the way that I post.

honestly...I'm rather disappointed with this "community" if that's the best you can do. if you had a problem with the way that I post, tell me, don't bitch and complain to someone else and expect me to fix what isn't broken.

I wish I could have seen the roleplay with Katie end well, however now I won't know. Honestly, though...I was here because Ang told me that the community was dying and could use more people. I came to try to help and instead got messages from her about how disappointing I was. yeah well, I'm glad I seem to be able to do one thing right, then.

My overall impression of the forum, not bad. my overall impression of the wonder it's dying.

Goodbye, and enjoy the rest of your roleplay.

2 Re: goodbye Caislin Hallows on Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:13 pm

Katie Jumper

Katie Jumper
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Just figured I would say bye too since apparently I'm a copy of someone. Thanks ornell for the fun I was enjoying it, love you Mikel. Nice meeting you aAngelica

3 Re: goodbye Caislin Hallows on Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:32 pm


We'll miss you Katie.

4 Re: goodbye Caislin Hallows on Thu Aug 16, 2012 5:47 pm

The Puppeteer

The Puppeteer
Now listen here, this nonsense is unacceptable.

I am not sure just what is going on, so why don't we get everything out into the open instead of having all this bickering behind closed doors.

I do not know who has said what to you Ornell and, generally, disputes between players should be dealt with off forum.

As for Katie, I know the situation with you and given that you are the same player as Mary-lynn (or are at least suspected to be the same player for multiple reasons), you are facing potential banning if that issue is not resolved.

That is all I know.

Please feel free to register any complaints with me.

5 Re: goodbye Caislin Hallows on Fri Aug 17, 2012 7:33 am


Wow you guys. I may not be posting as of right now. I am trying to get adjusted to things. But I do check this every day as well as I look through the threads.

I am not sure what all is going on here, and what the bickering started. Seems like people have some explaining to do.

We are one of few people here for a reason we are trying to rebuild. Once I get in the swing of things which hopefully will be soon. I will be back to posting.

Treat others how you want to be treated...There is a standing rule currently one character for person because we have come to realize if someone plays more than one character and needs to stop role playing. It really skews the role play on the waiting period.

I only mention this because I saw what Katie has said, and I also have been aware.

I hope if you feel the need to speak with me, as I am owner of the forum please feel free to shoot me a message on here. I am not currently on yahoo these days.

Thanks guys.

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