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Caislin Hallows vs. Naiser Vale : This is a tale of two villages one of medieval, one of modern. While there is a mysterious fog that connects them where the water divides.

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Where oh where....

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1Where oh where.... Empty Where oh where.... on Mon Aug 13, 2012 2:35 pm


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The day had been going pleasantly since even though the night before she had received some news about who was in the district which just made her cringe and cause a slight panic in her heart. Yet she pulled herself together and created and very delicious spread of fruits and wines that dawned across the wooden table that stretched across the glass ceilinged room. There was a little sticker on the side of her mailbox out front of the house by the street that was the changing point from the Old District to the New District. A bright blue sticker on a dark green mailbox, unseen to those who aren’t looking and a big bright signal to those who were. With a soft sigh Mary finished placing a few bottles of white wine on the table with the rest of the spread and then moved to the back glass sliding door to look upon the backyard, almost a whole acre right in between the two towns, she thought it was the deal of a lifetime, but there was more to this land than she had anticipated, Naiser Vail and Caislin Hallows was such a very strange place in itself.

Quickly she slid out the back door and onto the porch that wrapped around the house completely, walking along the perimeter of the house circling around to the front yard her arms crossed over her chest and she thought carefully of the place she had left behind her beautiful home up north where her family had been until recently. With a deep sigh escaping her, she quickly slid back into the house through a side door and slipped into the living room. Not much living had been done in it since she had bought the house, always busy with research and studies she couldn’t find the time to spend at home to relax, but at least now with teaching out of the way she didn’t have much to worry about anymore just her research and study which she did in the night anyways.

’’Oh at least it’s a perfect Saturday so far…’’

Slowly her steps almost silently against the floor as she moved across the living room and took a seat on a pale white plush chase, stretching her legs across the flat, her arm wrapped around the curl of the chase as her head laid upon the pillow softness of it. Her beige shorts and white t-shirt blouse was a perfect idea for today, she hadn’t had time to put the air conditioner together, nor did she have the strength to move it by herself, she had the windows open and a few fans placed in the perfect spots that helped the cool draft wisp through the house, the smell of her baking filling her home and yard. Her eyes began to close as the heat started to get to her, she thought to herself for just a few moments she would rest her eyes and be ready to serve before they showed up.

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Katie Jumper

Katie Jumper
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’’Dammit… Had to come looking, had to pick at people… Well of course she’d find me…’’ A roll of her eyes as she pulled on a soft blue sweater, pulling on the sleeves to stretch it over her hand and pop her thumb through the sewn hole. ’’Why don’t you come down for lunch…. We can talk… Ehhh… What the hell does she think…’’ Growling slightly as she tugged on some blue hip jeans and her Element skate shoes. Her head was filled with anger, hate, disgust and above all else, curiosity. Why… Why… Why… For two days her mind kept rolling that thought through like it was some kind of puzzle and it drove her mad.

Taking in a deep breath, she was at least happy the damned woman remembered to send her a picture, a cute living room from the looks of it. But she wasn’t surprised, the damned woman was so spoiled she always wanted to be in comfort of looks and feel. Her eyes rolled for a moment in the back of her head, then she closed them tight and shook her head. ’’Fine I’m going!!!” She grumbled beneath her breath and then in a flash she was gone from the apartment and the picture she had been holding in her hand dropped to the floor, floating down and landing face up, showing the same living room where Mary had fallen asleep in.

In a huff Katie was in the living, but since her mind was so busy she hadn’t landed as appropriately as she would have liked to. Stumbling across the floor, not being able to catch herself she rolled to the ground and onto her back as she fell over and rolled across the floor until she hit the door and stopped hard against it. Groaning loudly she spread out across the floor, then carefully started to stand up, taking in a deep breath as she stared over the woman on the chase. One hand raised up and gripped onto the opposite shoulder, rubbing at it slightly. The pink haired girl, dressed as a girl, unlike those in the states or modern areas gave a grin as she stared at the woman on the chase her American accent coming to life. ’’Hello Mother Dearest…’’ The words hissed out of her mouth, there was a movie that Mary used to watch called Mother Dearest, a horrible movie about a horrible mother, she thought it quite suiting for the woman.

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The loud sound of the sound barrier being broken woke her right out of her dead sleep, she hadn't wanted to pass out that hard but she did and she awoke with a fright, almost screaming as she jumped up, sitting upright on the chase. She watched as Katie came bursting into the room and across the floor, holding in a slight laughter as she watched the young girl pull herself up from the floor. ''I see you still can't make a good landing...'' She laughed a bit and just shook her head, muttering beneath her breath as she leaned over and picked the coffee table back up and put it on it's feet once again, picking up the few doilies and papers that were scattered on it.

Then the voice echoed through her ears like an annoying bell that struck twelve. With a shiver going down her spine her eyes raised up and locked onto the girl, and yet nothing but a gentle smile spread over her face and carefully she placed the papers back on the table. Katie knew that she hated that American accent that she had learned in her time across the world, and it was just an annoyance to her at this point. ''Well hello Katie, welcome to my little home...''With a grin she jumped up from the chase and then moved towards the door way that lead to the table where all the food and drinks were. ''Come, lets have some lunch sweetie....You're dad would have loved to see you...'' There was a tone of heart break in her voice, it had been many years since she had seen his face, that horrible awful day where all was lost in a moments second. She moved into the dining room and took a seat at the middle of the table, opened a bottle of wine and poured herself a glass.

She sat there a moment before she lifted the glass and took a sip of the wine before she took in a deep breath. ''Please Katie, it's been much too long...''

4Where oh where.... Empty Re: Where oh where.... on Wed Aug 15, 2012 10:07 am

Katie Jumper

Katie Jumper
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Her face felt like popping with the anger and hate she had rushed into the room with, and Mary's comment about her landing wasn't helping any either and it just further pissed her off about even showing up at this area.''Look I'm sorry, nothing broke though.'' Then the smile on Mary made her stand still and feel sheepish and like a child again. ''Sorry Mom...'' Her head hung only slightly as she followed Mary's footsteps into the dining room. Her head picked up and she looked at Mary with a soft smile, a gentle caring smile that she hadn't been able to express to her mother in years.

She followed and then took a seat across the table from Mary, taking a deep breath as she sat down her hands folding on the table top. Big colorful eyes grew wide as she looked at the meal that Mary had prepared. Katie knew for a fact that Mary had done this all by hand, she had no powers or magic skill, no gift of unseen forces. This little thought made Katie smile grow that much more, she knew her Mom was a caring woman but she never understood why. ''Yeah... Dad would have loved this... Having most of the family back together...'' Her head tilted just slightly as she looked over at the two opposite ends of the table seeing a plate set on either side and then a third plate at the side of the end plate. '' I see you were expecting quite the Sunday dinner group... May I ask who else was to show up Mother?'' It felt so weird to call Mary her mother, she knew by all rights she was her mother but she had married her father when she was just seven and been there in her life ever since. Katie loved her like she would have her own mother, if she ever knew who she was. Either way she loved her father and mother very much and was happy to have at least one of them left in this life. Sure she might have been stranger than her parents, but she wasn't immortal and she couldn't bear the thought of living life without her family around.

This thought made her head turn to the glasses being poured, quickly pulling a glass to herself and taking a little sip. ''Let me try to guess Mom! Mikel, and his flegding.... And...Merisa?'' She grinned and sat back against her chair with her glass in hand. It was a nice day so far... No matter how grumpy she woke up.

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