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Caislin Hallows vs. Naiser Vale : This is a tale of two villages one of medieval, one of modern. While there is a mysterious fog that connects them where the water divides.

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All Hallow's Eve

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1 All Hallow's Eve on Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:04 am


A paintbrush lightly drew strokes across the sky in colorful swirls miles and miles high, the interlocked and danced holding within in the delicate breath of chance. The purples and blues intertwined hues, criss-crossing patterns of autumn’s clues. The sky took breaths was the trees would sway rustling overhead, violet eyes would look upwards.

“Almost time…” the whispered breath would say as the newborn moon would shine in the sparkle in the sphere of the eyes. The beam of light highlighted a particular area of the forest, and that is where the pile of wood was laid. A few smaller twigs and branches were draped across her arms as she walked towards the already made pile. A familiar saddle bag was resting against a large boulder; a tripod and a large cast iron cauldron also were there.

A black v-neck dress was pulled very tightly against her frame, the fit was perfect as it should be since she makes her own. Braids floated across the blades of her back as she made her way and with a little toss the wood fell into place. She would stop only for a moment to make sure that she was alone; the night site of her eyes surveyed the area.

Reaching over taking the tri-pod in her hand she would set it up above the pile of wood a small hook hung from the center it stood just at three feet. Moving to take the handle of the caldron in her hand she would smile, as she set the hook in place matching it with the handle of the caldron. The sense of gravity caused it to swing back and forth, she left it there while she moved towards her bag, opening the flap she would retrieve two jars filled with fluid along with a bundle of lavender and poppies.

A smirk twisted across the young females face as she moved over and first opened the jars and dumped them into the caldron and then she would place the two bundles of flowers. Sweeping her hands against each other she would nod.

“All right…”the voice whispered once again.

Pushing the braids against her ears she would close the lids of her eyes and being to speak in a tongue not known to many. Holding her right hand in a clenched fist a faint glow would occur as the words tainted her lips.

“Neuma en' templa, Vara tel' Seldarine”

The glow had fully enclosed her hand with a flick of her wrist the ball of energy would guild forward and ignite the wood with a mild explosion. A plume of black smoke would billow upward in the dusk lit sky, she hoped it would not draw to many near. Perching herself on top of the boulder, pulling her feet to her chest, she looked forward watching the fire work its magic. Resting her chin on top of her knees she would begin to sing softly to herself, her voice as soft as the butterflies that kissed your cheek.

Only it would soon stop as her eyes begin to widen seeing how the bubbles of the caldron started to run over and drop towards the fire blow causing almost a firework display. A bit of a yelp would occur when a spark would leap out and race towards her foot. The energy stung, and she moved instinctively to rub it. Colors shooting out from the breath of fire she would stand on top of the rock and begin to speak in her native tongue. Yet, her heart was beating fast and she wondered what was going wrong, she couldn't just leave her potion behind.

“Tanka tel' taurnin, Quanta yassen 'kshapsa”

( I am aware its a repost I was hoping perhaps it wouldn't get over looked this time)

2 Re: All Hallow's Eve on Thu Oct 20, 2011 4:47 pm

Tristan Shadwynn

Tristan Shadwynn
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For a very rare change the creature of the forest was mingled in the lights of the city as night fell. His reason for being in the town was his own, and his visage was fully cloaked in his seeming. He even wore a false set of clothing to blend in better. To the casual onlooker he bore denim jeans and even a dress shirt. Most of his form was concealed under a long black leather trench coat as he perused the wares he was after. However even with his hair falsely sen as brown it bore his true length and constant braided style as he waled the town not so far form the school. In his years here he had seen the entire region turned upside down by a greedy former student hellbent on bringing the modern world even tot his far reaching fantastical location.

It was a shame, and it brought many new dangers to the students of the Hallows, but they took each in turn and the city wasn’t so hellbent on ruining their lives, or exposing them for what they were so much as engaging in a silent monetary war with the schools headmistress. True many of the students welcomed the newness of everything the rapid city growth had bought, but many also stood against it as well. Most had come here to escape the larger city life, not to have it brought to them so unwantedly in their safe haven. Though those lectures would need remain still for another setting.

In the back of Tristan's mind he felt the pull of magic form his lover, and he smiled at knowing she was practicing her arts, even if he didn’t know why she was doing so at such a late hour. It wasn't in fact for many minutes if not an hour before he would feel another sense form her, a sense of fear and pain. He would stop what he was doing and swiftly turn form the store he had been in. he was not overly concerned enough to teleport in plain view, but he still hastened to a nearby telephone booth. Thankfully it was made of aluminum not steel and he quickly carved the arcane marking on the top of the doorway before he opened it.

As he stepped through the doorway, he stepped through space as well. He was not entering a phone booth, he was exiting a thicket in the woods near the school itself. And just as he did so his standard clothing and looks returned. With a glance towards the north he would start sprinting after his lost little mistress. It was not fear driving him, just urgency. And swiftly he covered the distance between them. What he saw form the edges of the clearing were strange. His little Lilian was on a boulder looking down at her pot over a fire, with explosive lights and magic reeking havoc in the flames on the ground.

Shaking his head he would look over the scene for another few seconds before he would use his own magic, an eerie green flame appeared around his hand and then darted out towards the magical mess on the ground before her. In an instant, yet small explosion of heat he would hope to cancel out the natural flames burning in the wood with suffocation, and hope that the magical flamed would be easier to deal with without their mundane source of fuel burning before them. Of course the cast iron caldron wasn’t exactly likely to assist in his spells working how he wanted either.

“And what were we trying to do other than burn down the forest lover?” he'd ask as he waited for the explosion to die down to see what was left to handle.

3 Re: All Hallow's Eve on Thu Oct 20, 2011 6:14 pm


Perched like a hunter on top of the rock it would not be the first time that she took the appearance and doubted seriously that it would be the last. Yet, something was out of balance she was sure she had mixed the brew perfectly so many times before. Why only now would it decide to put on a pointless explosion of a show.This was not what she wanted as she watched the sparks fly out of the pot and fizzle. Her face showed a clear expression of frustration, tapping her foot against the rock she would began to start to think of ways to stop the little entertainment.

Beside the boulder was a large chunk of rock stepping down trying to keep the pot in the line of site so that she could move accordingly if the explosions continued in her direction. Picking the stone out of the ground she would take aim reaching like true hunter, she would send the rock soaring through the wind. Its target was the tip of the tripod in hopes that she would knock the pot off the fire, little would she think about the trouble it would cause if it actually just sunk into the flickering flames.

The rock hit exactly where its mark was made and the tripod would fall over with the force of the rock. The iron pot would roll spilling out its contents into all directions until it finally came to rest against the trunk of a nearby tree, while the potion continued to spill out over the top. The flames from the fire were igniting with the distilled vodka she used to keep the flowers potent. The tail of the flame was about two foot off the ground and it started to ignite down the path in which the pot had rolled.

The white’s of her eyes were much larger than the violet iris hues as she stared at this point she was sure that she was going to hear it from Tristan as the part of the forest she was in was starting to go up in flames. She was not a fire dancer; or even charmer she only knew that she would try at least and do something? Lifting her right hand up she would begin to pull energy she thought maybe if she created a barrier it wouldn’t be able to get very far. She would begins to speak in her native tongue, she knew that it was very possibly that Tristan would hear it

The heat of the flames were unruly and raced in full charge motion towards the tree in which the pot rested against. Whispering…

“This can’t be good…”

Standing on top of the boulder she would quickly grab up the strap of her saddle bay and hoist it over her shoulder. The last thing she needed was everything in the bag to go up in smoke, holding her palm upwards she would began to chant as it started to glow, as an orb would appear in the palm of her hand. Just about then she felt a very familiar sense, and almost cringed as the green flame started to engulf potion before her, she bite down on her lip as she knew that flame extremely well.

Spinning on the balls of her feet the braids would fly over her shoulders as she caught his stare, she knew that stare extremely well. Trying to keep a very composed look she would look at him innocently as she took a few paces towards him.

Yet, her eyes never really left the causality of the scene. The orb in her hand continued to stay there as she looked into his eyes debating on exactly what she wanted to say. The scarlet servant snaked across the mounds of her lips; meanwhile a twisted smirk crept across them.

“That is exactly what I was trying to do, along with the construction of a love potion number 9. “

Cutting her eyes at him a bit as she looked at him speaking, the scene perhaps looked strange as the two were standing in the middle of a magical mess. Grumbling under her breath, as she continued to look at him crinkling up her nose looking back as the flames were slowly dying down.

“It’s your fault… You are the one that suggested I started working with potions, but I am not green skinned with a wart on my nose.”

4 Re: All Hallow's Eve on Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:37 pm

Tristan Shadwynn

Tristan Shadwynn
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Tristan continued to act even as Lillian turned and saw him. He didn't ignore her, he merely continued casting as she stalked his direction. Most of the harm that could have been was diminished already, and any further harm was rapidly going to be snuffed out at his next spell. With a wave of his hand and soft spoken words a magical light filled the area of the remaining flames and took a physical shape around them, slowly choking inward and capturing the smoke and fire in a barrier of prismatic light. The smoke form the fires would be the fires own undoing as he cut off further air from entering the area contaminated with magic and flames. Soon enough even the reaction she created would end no doubt.

“Well then, I commend your efforts in forest leveling my young love, though I might imagine using a lighter and match far easier than a potion or caldron” he smirked and knew she would not like what he said. He was older and wiser, but she was in charge. He was still, and ever more her servant. At least until she bore her first child. “Yes Lillian, it is my fault, I suggested you spend time researching and creating potions.” he smiled and stroked her anger cheek lovingly “But I also told you that soaking poppies in vodka was not a wise idea.” he looked at the almost extinguished fire “For potions poppies should only ever be soaked and dried with, and stored in honey.” he stepped back but remained smiling since no real damage seemed to have been truly done. “Yo should have used mead”

“Though for a love potion” he smirked and continued the lecture in a loving tone not a condescending one. He never used a condescending tone on his lover. “You forgot the thyme.” he looked up as if thinking “Or was it rose hips for love potions?” he smirked “Hmm it seems I have forgotten myself. Perhaps if only we had that book I wrote for you it might be listed in there?” he was making of course reference to the potions she was supposed to be working on, potions for healing ails, potions for fixing pains, and potions that all together did NOT alter the feelings emotions, mental states or personalities of their imbibers.\

“Perhaps young mistress, we should master things in steps instead of rushing ahead?” he smiled and stroked her shoulder if allowed, fixing her unruly braids slightly. “You know there are easier ways to get me to tutor you than destroying nature, and setting yourself up for a most painful lesson in fire control right my love?” He smiled, and if allowed he would lean in and kiss her lips softly before pulling back and asking one final question, even if he knew the answer already “You are alright aren't you Lillian?”

Tristan would have felt anything wrong with her easily by now and would have already worked on mending it instead of lecturing her in any many if there was a hurt, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t polite for him to ask. Besides it might disarm her before she picked a fight with him about anything he said. She might be his master and lover, be he was her mentor. Dominance and submission wrapped around both of them in many ways for their love and lives. Both in charge of the other, both the charge of the other.

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