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Caislin Hallows vs. Naiser Vale : This is a tale of two villages one of medieval, one of modern. While there is a mysterious fog that connects them where the water divides.

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Quiet Meditation

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1 Quiet Meditation on Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:15 pm


The bridge was a doorway between two completely different worlds. Worlds that would be at war. The large New District threatened to overwhelm the smaller Older District. But the bridge was just perfect, neither old or new. But netural; an in between area that didn't favor either side.

Angelica found this a perfect place for meditation. The bridge was quiet, unaffected by any of the loud music from the various places in the New District, and far enough away from the Old District that she wouldn't be putting anyone off who saw her.

Her bare feet made a soft sound on the wood, like a light clip-clop, but less annoying than Kouichi's shoes. Of course, his shoes were wooden, so it was only natural that they make more noise. Angelica was small, and therefore lighter on her feet than someone who was larger.

A quick look around before she sat down and crossed her legs. Of course, she couldn't have picked a creepier place to meditate...the fog that surrounded the area gave it a Stephen King the Loch Ness Monster would pop out of the water and eat her at any minute. If she could have used her room, she would have, but it was simply too closed in. The forest was just downright terrifying with all the beasts wandering was far to dangerous without Professor Steelwyn being with her.

She closed her eyes though and leaned aganist the wood and let out a sigh. It was plenty dark out, which meant it was late enough that she shouldn't be bothered here. But then again, who knew what lurked in the shadows.

A deep breath in, and the meditation began. She could feel her body relaxing, could feel herself balance out, and the negative enegry release.

2 Re: Quiet Meditation on Sat Jul 30, 2011 5:36 pm

Bruxa Vipir

Bruxa Vipir
The raven black wolf was released to hunt in the dark wood surrounding the old district. Bruxa encouraged DJ to keep his wild side. After all she might one day need him to demonstate those animalistic abilities and so she made sure he kept them honed.

Pitch black hues danced over the barren streets to find focus on the bridge ahead. The new district intriqued her, peaking her interest, perhaps needing an old fashioned hunt herself. Those smooth velvet lips curled into a mischevious smile as she set forth in a even paced stride.

Petite frame swarthed in the long black lace skirt, the red velvet bustier and of course that long black leathered duster with the crimson cloth rose pinned to its lapel. Long dark tresses hung loosely over slender shoulders to cascade down her back. The thick mane bounced and flowed back from her face with each determined step as she neared the structure that spanned the deep dark waters beneath it.

One bounded leap and those booted feet found balance on the ledge of the railing that ran the length of the bridge. She felt the presence of another before she ever saw them. The dense fog concealed the identity but the pulse of the heart seemed to resound in Bruxas ears and the smile twisted lightly, turning delightfully wicked.

As the next footfall was taken Bruxas form began to dissipate. That small statured body evaporating into minuscule molecules and disappearing into a fine mist that would mingle with the fog as she drew closer to the girl who sat alone.

3 Re: Quiet Meditation on Sat Jul 30, 2011 7:00 pm


Perhaps it was dangerous to let the trance like state she was in take over, blocking out anything else around her. Her surroundings were lost, non-exsistant for the time being. The body inhaled another deep breath, her heartbeat slowed, and she exhaled slowly too. A well oiled machine, the body was.

The heart was always beating, the blood always flowing, the brain always working. Even while a person slept the brain still worked. Producing dreams, powerful illusions that influence a persons mood. If a person had a bad dream, then they usually woke up in a bad mood. But if the dream had been a good one, a person would wake up ready and happy for the day ahead of them. It was funny how dreams affected people differently.

But of course, Angelica was not asleep. There were no dreams here, because she was only meditating. Her mind was clear, but she was indeed lost somewhere inside herself. This was the best stress relief there was. Meditation allowed her to decompress all her feelings, and balance herself out.

Deep breaths were followed by slow exhales, and she tuned the world out. Nothing else exsisted...

4 Re: Quiet Meditation on Wed Aug 03, 2011 10:13 pm

Bruxa Vipir

Bruxa Vipir
The fine mist, lighter than the fog in substance, slightly darker in hue moved fluidly towards the girl. Bruxa smiled inwardly as she spied the person just sitting there with eyes closed. As luck would have it ...twas the one who got away! Swirling slowly around the body of the lone female, taking in every curve, every nuiance, each blemish and all of the beauty.

The pulse of the girl slowed as Bruxa neared Angelicas' face, studying it lightly before closing in on that slender throat. The beat of the lass's heart kept decelerating as she seemed to fall into a trance. This is too easy... She thought as she flowed back slowly.

Bruxa could readily take advantage of the situation but she wanted the thrill of the hunt. There was something about this one though. Perhaps it was because of their first meeting and how it had gone terribly wrong. A craving that had gone unfulfilled. Damn librarian ....the thought ran through her head but for a moment. And yet she seemed to happen upon this female over and over, here and there. She wanted to toy with the girl, like a cat would with its prey. The vaporous form hovered just out of reach in front of the meditator, watching curiously.

5 Re: Quiet Meditation on Wed Aug 03, 2011 10:35 pm


Breathing was such an easy was truely amazing how the brain worked. Forcing the body to breathe, to blink, and for the heart to beat, as well as all the other small things that she barely noticed most of the time. In and out, breathing in and exhaling slowly.

But something suddenly felt wrong. Perhaps it was her own living nightmare, but she felt unsafe suddenly. Perhaps hungry wolves had found her scent and found her at the bridge?

In spirit form, she could take a look around, without actually breaking the meditative state. And so, with a little concentration and a great effort, she pushed herself out of her body. Invisible eyes scanned the area, searching for anything that might end her exsistance or cause a great deal of harm...but nothing was there. Only the dense fog.

And as she was, she couldn't go roaming about, even if she wanted to. Perhaps it was time to go home? She let herself shrink back into her body, and find the place of inner peace that she'd learned to love.

What a quiet loud noises, no loud conversations, no one pushing her around or telling her what to do...nothing. It was empty and quiet. The way she loved it.

With the promise to come back soon, she let herself wake up. Her heartbeat sped up, and she stretched like she'd been asleep. A deep yawn escaped her lips. She was tired anyway, and she had classes tomorrow. Best to get home now.

Her crystal eyes opened and she stared through the fog, finding it creepy that the fog had changed colors...maybe she'd been out much longer than she'd thought? How late was it anyway? But of course she had no way of knowing, since she wore no watch.

After another deep yawn, she made to stand up. She grabbed hold of the wooden railing and pulled herself up and stretched again. It must be really late. That or the lack of sleep.

"And now...on towards home!" she declared aloud, to no one but herself.

6 Re: Quiet Meditation on Wed Aug 10, 2011 6:06 pm

Bruxa Vipir

Bruxa Vipir
The beat of Angelicas' heart seemed to regain its strength. The misty form moved up onto the rail of the bridge as the girl seemed to awaken from the trance like slumber. A slow lazy stretch, a big yawn and the one who got away stood with her pronouncement.

The announcement spoken out loud so that vaporous head twisted left to right to see who the woman spoke to. may seem the hunt is on afterall... Bruxa thought to herself as she watched the lass ready herself for a journey home.

How gracious of that young female to be so willing to lead the way to exactly where she resided. Bruxa had an eternity to stalk the girl, to play the cat and mouse game with her...well at least for Angelicas' lifetime.

She waited until the lone student started her trek and then she would follow. Staying hidden within the misty apparition and concealed with the camouflage of the fog...for now.

7 Re: Quiet Meditation on Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:33 pm


Despite her lack of known company, Angelica talked quietly to herself. Going over her to do list as she walked back towards Caislin Hallows. "I need to get my lisence laundry...I should study more of my beast handling...and that other paper will be due soon..." she seemed quite lost in thought, listening to herself talk and walking the well beaten path.

The fog didn't seem to dissipate though, as she walked towards Caislin Hallows University. Shouldn't it have thinned out by now? She shivered and stopped. Something felt wrong. Her crystal eyes scanned the area, and she listened closely, her pale lips pursed tightly together. But she found nothing. No one.

She'd stopped in front of the castle, and now it loomed over her like a nightmare. She stood in the shadows now, scared and unsure of herself. She could go in the castle, walk straight up to her room and slam the door shut and not come out til morning. That should be safe...right?

Fog hovered around her, nearly blocking her view of the way she'd come. The easy decision was to run inside and never wander around at night again, unless someone was with her for protection.

But something in the darkness called to her. It stained her conciousness, shifting pride to the front of her mind. If she went inside now, and didn't face what was tormenting her, then she'd be a coward. And she couldn't stand to be called that.

"Whatever you are...come and fight me..." she called out now, her back to the doors of Caislin Hallows University. She crossed her arms over her face a little and an ice blade formed in each hand, deadly sharp at the ends. Of course...she could just look really silly and then she would be laughed at.

She actually expected something to come rushing at her, and she braced herself for pain. But nothing came. There was no noise, no rushing air as something flew at her in the darkness. And no evil laugh that proved her senses right. But then again...this wasn't the movies either.

"This is silly...I'm going home..." she muttered, seemingly defeated. Her spirit, while not broken, was weakened. The ice blades shattered soundlessly, and she turned back towards the castle.

8 Re: Quiet Meditation on Sat Aug 20, 2011 7:18 pm

Bruxa Vipir

Bruxa Vipir
The misty form clung to the fog, staying embedded with the miniscule water molecules. Swirling around the girl from time to time as she listened to the words dripping from her mouth. This one was evidently a devout student by the conversation she had with herself.

The trek took them to the castle that was now known as the University. The pause, the worried look as Angelicas eyes darted about her surroundings and then the near frantic outburst made Bruxa smile inwardly. Spying the ice daggars that formed in her hands. Oh this one does have a special talent most around her seem to have, she thought. A mental note was taken, she might have to study up on the lone student and find out just what she was all about.

The shattering of the icey blades against the walkway brought her attention back to the girl just as she turned towards the entrance of the building. The tone of the voice seemed filled with frustration as the proclamation to venture home was announced. That inward smile twisted and turned puckish at the prospect of actually finding out where the female resided. After all, once having the knowledge of such things would make it easy to visit. Perhaps even invading dreams the way hers was once upon a time long long ago when she was but a wee human child.

9 Re: Quiet Meditation on Mon Aug 22, 2011 2:10 pm


She shivered against the feeling that something was still watching her...creeping along somewhere out there to hunt her. It felt like a game of cat and mouse that she'd never even known was in place.

She stopped at the doors to the castle and turned once more. This time she was more than shadowed in the darkness that shrouded the entrance to the University. She shifted again, and glanced back. "Nothing to be afraid of...there's nothing there..." she whispered to herself and let out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding.

She turned again, towards the doors and opened them up and moved inside. But as soon as the door closed she took off into a dead run, all the way towards her dorm room. What she was running from she wasn't sure, but it felt necessary to get away as fast as possible.

[Exit - Will continue in Dorm room thread]

10 Re: Quiet Meditation on Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:03 am

Bruxa Vipir

Bruxa Vipir
"Nothing to be afraid of...there's nothing there..." The words only made that smile widen as the doors were thrown open and that misty form swiftly seeped into the building just ahead of the girl.

Laying low to the floor as the door shut and the female student took off in a mad dash towards her room. Bruxa followed, floating just above the floor and staying within the shadows of the walled in hallway. Hovering closer to the frightened woman, ready to slink into her room as soon as she opened the door. After open door was an invitation...right?

[Joins the continuation in Dorm Room thread]

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