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Caislin Hallows vs. Naiser Vale : This is a tale of two villages one of medieval, one of modern. While there is a mysterious fog that connects them where the water divides.

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Dresses, Tiara's, Giggles & Gossip.

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1 Dresses, Tiara's, Giggles & Gossip. on Fri Jul 22, 2011 10:38 pm



(Open Continuation Of Drama Class.)

Almost sunset, the castle was starting to cool off and with Mersia’s room right at a corner indent of the castle she had two windows that were left wide open, thankfully shaded by the tree outside in a small courtyard area almost. It was all white, given for a few black drapes or the red and black carpet that almost covered the hard wood floor. The walls draped in the white silk that covered it in strands and over the bed too. There sat a small table, enough room for three or four people that sat beneath the window sill with white draped chairs that were completely buried underneath it. Two large dress cupboards stood, broad and in deep cherry oak wood against the white dressed walls perhaps some of the biggest accents of the room. On the floor between it was an empty space where the bare floor showed through where the dark black and silver trunk was supposed to sit.

A soft sound of violin on a old gramophone echoed through the room and slightly out into the hallway, playing something soft yet constant reaching forte with higher notes for only an instant before it fell down scale once again. In this room, fading with white candles lit across the room save for one light that was turned on by the two dressers, on the wall a three piece set of mirrors that the light bounced off of as well. Here is where Merisa was found, with her upper body in one of the dress cupboards, protected by the doors that hung open hiding more of her form behind the wood. With a deep breath she leaned back up so she was standing up and had two different dress ends in her hand as she compared the color of them in the brighter light.

’’Well… I don’t know still this one is nice and red pretty soft too… But this one might be more..Proper..’’ Taking in a deep breath she stared at the colors that went through the cupboard from white to red, back to a deep purple then leading from blue all the way up to gold. Something different in every color, kept the spice of the day alive, she thought anyways. The music played in the background, a gentle relief from silence to the ears, nothing to loud and nothing she had to strain to listen to. She even let the mismatched color of hair stay down and long as it hung over her shoulders and down her back, black and white twisted into one with a tie of a gold ribbon holding the two colors together. There was a pitcher of lemonade sitting on the table, with a gathering of six clear glasses surrounding it. A plate of little coffee cakes she had set away for occasions like this.

Her head tilted and looked over at the other open dress cupboard and quickly scurried over to it, pressing her fingers through the dresses trying to see which designs and makes she had hidden away inside. Her voice started to hum, the same tune as the violin on the gramophone in the corner of the room. It echoed nicely from the back of the room, making it seem like there was a speaker system set up around the room. Her head swayed from left to right listening to the violin as she ran her fingers through the colors of dresses once again. She was expecting Angelique sometime tonight, and Mikel said he would be arriving a short-while after sunset to bring her the trunk from his carriage. It was still about ten or fifteen minutes until the sun was going to sink behind the school and the moon shining its brightest on a full moon’s night.

This is when the white of her hair, the mismatched blue and green of her eyes and the pale white nature of her skin truly shone. All the pale bright light from the moon illuminating everything it touched, one reason why she enjoyed keeping her window open and blinds drawn open for the night. Still she was buried in the dress Cupboard going through everything while no one was here yet still.

2 Re: Dresses, Tiara's, Giggles & Gossip. on Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:47 pm


The aftermath of class had been exciting. The announcement for the ball seemed to hang in the air, like an intoxicating smell that desired only to be absorbed.

While she wasn't but a few doors down from Merisa, she still took great care in getting ready for "girls night" with the woman. She'd tried though, to seem less anxious about the whole thing. She'd lounged for a little while and read, she'd been too excited about her first "real" girls night to put it off for very long. So one long shower later, here she was in front of Merisa's door.

She held a non-descript black makeup bag in one hand, and in the other the only dress she owned. It was flowy and white on the hanger, and it fit her terribly, being loose in areas that should be tighter. The purple orb that went with it hung around her neck. It was a special dress, and even if it didn't fit very well, she refused to do anything with it. Nana had given it to her when she'd first moved in.

She reached up to knock on the door, a little awkardly, since both her hands were full. Her normally pale cheeks were flushed with excitement, her crystal eyes bright. And the shy smile that seemed permenantly imprinted over her pale lips.

"Merisa, it's Angelica..." she called softly. Despite the softness of her voice though, it seemed to echo, giving the shadows an eeire edge over her nerves. She could hear music coming from the womans room, and that made her smile. Thank goodness it wasn't any of this crazy rap music that people her age seemed to like. She preferred the classics better anyway.

3 Re: Dresses, Tiara's, Giggles & Gossip. on Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:34 am


Between the music of the violin playing, the soft caress of a gentle breeze against her bare heels and the curiosity that rose within her as she pushed through the different dresses under the cascading lights. With a deep breath she stood up, pulling a long silver dress out that had a large bow attached to the side. As she pulled it out, her other hand caught the bottom to hold it off the floor. Then as she spun around to walk towards her bed and lay it out she saw a familiar face standing in the door way. With a smile crossing over her lips, she lifted her hand slightly and waved her fingertips at Angelica. ’’Hey Girlie!’’ She replied in a sweet, almost high-pitched tone of voice.

It was true, she was quite excited about having a ‘girls night’ there wasn’t enough people in the Castle that actually interested her. So when she met Angelica, and enjoyed the girls company she had to jump on the chance. She walked over to the bed quickly and laid out the silver dress before she turned to look at Angelica, raising a hand up and waving her in. ’’Come in, come in Angelica! I have fresh lemonade on the table, would you like a glass?’’ She dusted her hands off from the gentle touch of the dress and then moved over to the table with the pitcher and glasses surrounding it. Without hearing an answer she quickly flipped two glasses upright and poured in some lemonade for Angelica and herself.

Her head turned and she looked back at the door before she let out a soft sigh. ’’Well common then, we have dresses to pick out!’’ She let off a soft giggle before folding herself in a seat by the table, leaving three more chairs surrounding it. The sounds of birds singing their night time songs caught her attention, the sun had set and night began to bloom with the pale moonlight shooting through at full push.

4 Re: Dresses, Tiara's, Giggles & Gossip. on Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:52 am


It's been long time since Garen totally disappeared in the survival class. Stepping in the school hall looking around with a slight smile on his face. Lifting his hood on his head and putting his hands in his pockets walking through the school halls. Many things changed in the school. Being absent for long time made him miss this place but this time he isn’t Garen who used to get lost around the school or know nothing about the present world. He doesn’t carry his giant sword anymore. Wearing a grey Jacket with a hood on his head and black Jeans. The demonic aura that used to surround him is no more. Many changes happened to Garen after what happened to him back in the survival class.

"Uh this place…" He paused before taking deep breath and continued on his way passin by the female's wing. Standing there looking around and was about to take step but was stopped hearing the sound of violin. Raising his eye brow giving another look around finding no one before taking step towards the sound of the violin interested to know what is It. He stood infront of the door where the violin coming from looking at the door with a slight smile on his face reading the letter."This room…So she still in school or left it already?"

He took deep breath and pulled his right hand out of his pocket knocking on the door before looking around seeing no one around still.Looking down making sure his face is well hidden in case that someone else opened the door. He didn’t want to be seen by anyone especially after his body changed and he became more muscler and stronger since the last time he left the school and he doesn’t know whether he was expelled from the school or he is still a student there. Moving aside from the door crossing his arms and resting his back against the wall beside the door.

5 Strange Brews. on Mon Jul 25, 2011 4:23 am


Just as she was going to sit and relax, and have a great conversation time with Angelica there was a knock at the door. Which confused her, because the sun had just set and she knew it couldn’t be Mikel just yet. Perhaps another woman that was looking for a ‘’romping’’ good time with some make-up and giggles? Her mind raced with who could be at the door, so Merisa lifted a finger into the air to represent to Angelica that she would be back to attend to their conversation. Carefully her bare feet pressed against the floor, covered with white drapes the same as the walls. With a deep breath she loomed ever closer towards the door, curiosity started making her nerves shake.

A hand reached out, twisted the handle and pulled the door open quickly. At first she saw nothing but darkness, but after letting her eyes adjust to the difference she looked at this boy standing in the door way with his hood over his head. Her own head tilted off to the side and just stared at him for a moment, letting out a deep breath. ’’Can I help you?’’ Her voice loomed into the darkness for a moment, before disappearing completely into the air. Then it felt like the world had pressed its weight against her chest all at once. Taking in a deep breath, a single hand reached out and tugged the hood back off the boys head. The face, she recognized the face but there was so much difference in it she couldn’t tell if it was really him.

It had been quite some time since she had last seen the dear boy she once called Lover. The boy that grew into a man right before her, who was so shy and quiet, so new to this world had become… This. Her eyes lit up, different from the last time he had seen her, a white and blue eye stared through to the man before her. Even her physical appearence had changed and become something darker, something more Gypsy. Her hair had gone back to being long, one half black the other half white. Her skin paler than usual and even the tattoo's that dotted her shoulder had crept up and made a gem-like necklace over her shoulder and around the front of her neck. Beautiful azure and black colors, something from the Vampyre side of her family passed down finally showing through. Her hand dropped from pulling his hood back, and immediately took his hand into hers and she pulled Garen into her room quickly. Closing the door behind him, she stood there for a moment, flabbergasted that he was even there. Her vision quickly went back to Angelica, and without skipping a beat she went back to her proper form. ’’Oh dear me, forgive me please my dear, Angelica. This… This is Garen. Garen, this is one of the newest students here in Caislin.’’

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6 Re: Dresses, Tiara's, Giggles & Gossip. on Mon Jul 25, 2011 5:08 pm


It was hard to resist Merisa when she smiled like that. A smile that brightened the whole castle, despite the setting sun outside. She flushed and stepped inside without delay, and put the dress and the makeup bag on the bed, with the long silver dress.

Her crystal eyes moved around the room, noting the decoration. Her room seemed considerably more decorative. She smiled, happily and watched the girl pour lemonaide. "Oh, thank you." she giggled a little, watching the woman scurry, and finally settle in her seat. "I'm so excited about this." she told her, the flush in her cheeks deepening.

Merisa was probably her first real friend. No one her own age had been terribly interested in hanging out with the freaky girl in school who could make ice appear from thin air. And then in London, she'd been grouped in with a strange clique of "gothic" kids. They had assumed that her white hair and crystal clear eyes were just from hair dye and contacts. In a lot of ways, she wished that was true. But in her own way, she was happier with who she was now, rather than who she'd been at that time.

"Beautiful room, Merisa." she commented, her eyes falling on the door when Merisa made a motion to get up. She watched carefully, her head tilted. Her white hair was loose now, still in the process of drying from the shower. The whole thing had happened so fast too. One moment, there was a young gentleman outside, and then suddenly he was inside the room, Merisa holding onto him and the door was closed again.

She observed quietly, her crystal eyes darkening with curiousity. Merisa, always the polite girl, introduced him as Garen. She made to stand and gave him a slight bow at the waist. "A pleasure to meet you Garen. You and Merisa seem to know eachother well..." a thin white eyebrow raised as she looked over to Merisa with a giggle. How well did she know this man? She quickly straightened out her face, but could not get rid of the michevious grin that spread over her lips.

Her crystal eyes returned to Garen though, and she smiled sweetly. Oh the fun they were going to have tonight...

7 Re: Dresses, Tiara's, Giggles & Gossip. on Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:32 am


Garen stood with his back against the wall crossing his arms and lowering his head waiting for anyone to open the door. It has been long time since he left the school but here he is back and ready to continue studying there. Especially after what he passed through after his disappearance in the survival class. Hearing the door getting opened made him roll his eyes to look towards it. And move to stand in front of her. A small smile was upon his lips as he saw her well. The moment she moved his hood away made him look around again making sure no one is around as he didn’t know whether he is still student or not. His face changed a bit but for better. No more scars, He isn’t sweeting from the heat that was coming from his body anymore and there is no aura surrounding him.

As Merisa pulled him inside and closed the door. He felt strange feeling across his body. A feeling he didn’t like or at least Mordekaiser didn’t like it. Looking towards the other girl in the room made him breath heavily as he knew what made Mordekaiser not stable. But it was just for moments before he was controlling himself again. As Merisa introduced Garen to Angelica he moved his hands to cover his head with the hood again still looking at Angelica. Of course he wasn’t comfortable around her as she was the opposite element to him. Garen nodded to Angelica while his face didn’t show any reaction moving his eyes to look at Merisa saying in cold voice "Its good to see you well Merisa.." Anyone know Garen would feel something different about him.

Just those couple of words that were said by Garen to Merisa before he walks to stand behind her moving his hand on her shoulder feeling whether the seal that he placed before his disappearance still exist or not "So Mordekaiser's Soul was protecting you well?" He didn’t wait for the answer he just walked towards the door and held the knob twisting it to open about to step outside"Take care of yourself". Taking a step outside looking towards Angelica and nodding to her .

8 Re: Dresses, Tiara's, Giggles & Gossip. on Tue Jul 26, 2011 5:27 pm


Angelica’s comment made Merisa smile, letting off a little giggle as she for the moment, stood beside Garen with not but the biggest smile on her face. ’’Oh thank you so much Angelica! I spent all year working on it and trying to gather as much as I could to lighten the place up.’’ Discontent flowed over the soul, shifting from side to side as she remembered the days with Garen she had spent, easily misspoken as an affair, but truly was something touching and deep. This made a small blush appear on her face as she quickly shook these thoughts from her mind, such a simpler time within her life yet an enjoyable one.

As quickly as she had spoken about the room, Garen was nice enough to exchange pleasantries with Angelica for the moment. Something was strange, yes things were a lot ‘’cooler’’ when she stood next to Garen, not like before where Mordekaiser would taunt her for being so stricken by the boy. That and well, she knew he didn’t like having to protect a Gypsy. With a soft laughter almost inaudible her eyes half-closed giving her that sleepy look as Garen touched her shoulder where he had given her a new tattoo, one that came with a strong force. As dark as her dreams have gotten, as Gypsy as she had become, there was always something looming around her that made her seem…Darker.

As Garen took his hand from her shoulder, turning to look at him a smile was about to burst onto her face but she watched as he started walking away. With a deep groan her head hung for a moment, then she took a few steps towards him. Yet she stopped when she looked back at Angelica. ’’I’m so sorry, I’ll be right back. Mikel should be here any minute so you can help him go through the trunk. Feel free to browse and search through the room for anything you think would be great for the ball.’’ A smile touched the face, then a more serious look took over as she scurried after Garen. As he stepped out the door and had given his final nod to Angelica, she quickly stepped out and grabbed his upper arm. She walked a few paces so she was standing in front of him with this very concerned look on her face.

In a hushed whispered voice she leaned towards him, peering up at his eyes with her own mis-matched colors, through the darkness of his hood. ’’Garen… Where are you going?’’ These were her only words as her hand stayed on his arm, holding him dearly.

9 Re: Dresses, Tiara's, Giggles & Gossip. on Tue Jul 26, 2011 5:56 pm


This trunk was a big heavy wooden trunk with steel casings surrounding its outer edge as to protect the thousand year old wood. With a deep breath he moved through the halls, pushing a cart that was long but not very wide so he had to maneuver with the cart, holding the trunk with one hand on top of it as he pushed it through the halls. Lucky for him there was no dragging the trunk up and down stairs this time around, thank the dark spirits for that one. The click clacking on the wheels against the floor made quite an annoying sound that echoed through the empty halls, only making him want to hurry with this errand even faster.

At long last he had come to the female dormitories hall, hopefully they didn’t have a bunch of girls standing in the hallway waiting for someone to come in so they could bother them. But as he opened the door and stepped through with the cart behind him, he saw two forms standing in the hallway. Not paying any particular attention to the two forms he made his way down until he came to Merisa’s room. Then he noticed it, that feeling he only got around Merisa when she was excited, like death had gripped the angels and ripped them from the skies. With a grin he could only guess who was beneath the hood, but the way Merisa stood with the man he only had one good guess.

He silently moved by, with only the cart making a bit of noise, he pushed the nose of the cart into the room and with a deep breath he waved at Merisa as he went inside. Her room was always too bright for his taste, but thankfully it was just candles and moonlight at this point which was quite beautiful against the white of the walls and floor. Always so much white… Then he noticed Lillith standing off to the side, his face wanted to flush pink but with the way his body worked, he could only pull off a bashful look as if he had done something wrong in not seeing her when he came in. He pushed the cart by the wall, and then moved beside it letting his lower half lean against the trunk his arms folding over his chest.

His head tilted to the side slightly before letting a smile cross over, ’’Good evening Miss Lillith, it’s a pleasure to see you again. Are you... Enjoying your time around my sibling?’’ He let off a small laugh, because he knew it wasn’t possible for Merisa and himself to be even closely related but yet he watched after her like a brother should have all these years. He quickly spotted lemonade sitting on the table, oh how he hoped it was fresh he loved that Merisa made her own Lemonade and always sweet to taste. Lifting himself from the trunk, his arms still crossed over his chest as he moved over the table, taking a seat by the window so that he could fully enjoy the moon light that crept out.

Hands went out and he grabbed a glass, flipped it over from its spot and picked up the pitcher pouring half a glass before setting it back down. Picking it up, he swished the liquid in the glass as he did with every drink he held, watching it spin carefully. Lifting his eyes only to look across at Lillith once again, flashing his charmed smile at her once again before he took a sip of the lemonade with a smile he looked around the room then back to Lillith once again. ’’Such a relaxing room… Great lemonade too.’’

10 Re: Dresses, Tiara's, Giggles & Gossip. on Wed Jul 27, 2011 3:47 pm


Suddenly, she felt as though she was intruding on something. Like she was the visitor here, and Garen had been here first. Her smile faded and she shifted back, moving over the one of the large trunks that Merisa had setup to go through. There were dresses of every color in here.

She pretended not to hear the brief conversation between the two. She turned and nodded when Merisa said that she'd be a moment and for her to help herself to anything in the trunk. She shifted and moved from the trunk and over to the window. A look outside confirmed that the moon had indeed risen and nighttime now reigned supreme. She smiled and turned to look back into the room. How romantic this looked...

Candles spread out through Merisa's room, and the moonlight streaming through the really was quite beautiful. When Mikel came in, she stood there, almost ghost-like. She blushed again, but smiled at him. "Hello Mikel."

She watched him get a glass of lemonade and then come sit in a chair close to her, and look out the window. She turned again, to look out too, watching the way shadows danced against the castle. She turned to look at him when he spoke again, noting how relaxing the room was. "Yes, it's very pretty, isn't it? Romantic almost..." she said, turning to look at the room once more, her crystal eyes moving from candle to candle.

11 Re: Dresses, Tiara's, Giggles & Gossip. on Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:34 am


Not even the smallest hint of her noticing that Mikel had even made his way into the hallway, some sort of deep hatred some sort of deep relief was going on between the two forms in the hallway. Ages had passed since they had last seen on another, and only in the softest of moonlight did he dare come back only to justify her thoughts. This pattern of destruction and torment. Perhaps this was the bitter heart left behind after all this time, coming back for its sort of revenge. Still, there was beauty in the step and bounce in every shift of the form which moved the main body from left to right like some sort of pendulum. Keeping with time, keeping with the beat there only gave one last look that shocked through Merisa and stared into the boy before her. Yes, the boy. Always will be the boy for his darkness shall never allow him that supple touch of adulthood. Stranger things have happened, though.

With that, long black and white locks shook furiously then swung around the body when Merisa turned on spot with not but the bare of her heel making a slight squealing sound against the marble floor. She wouldn’t even dignify him with a word of good-bye as she completely ignored that this little strewn conversation had taken place at all. Arms crossed in a hurried manner as she stepped back into the soft cascading light of Room ‘G’. Taking in a deep breath, the aroma of the Vanilla candles and the smell of the fresh Lemons that procured the lemonade filled her senses, as it had filled her room. Allowing small tendrils to open carefully, staring through the escape to the two others that had made themselves comfortable in her room. These gentle tendrils shifted slightly as she stared through the room, finding that her trunk had been placed back in front of the mirror where it had belonged. Wonderful, things were coming together at last.

Hands lifted from the form and clasped together within the air for a moment before stretching out and laying down in front of her lap. Taking in a deep breath those mis-matched hues flickered across the other two in her room, a smile stretched across pale lips as her head tilted just slightly. ’’Excuse me for that little mishap… But welcome to you both Angelica and Michael It’s quite a treat to see you both again, Michael I must say a large thank you to you for bringing that large trunk upstairs for me, very generous of you to do such a thing.’’ Another smile split across her lips as she moved into the room, hoping to have not disrupted any conversation between Michael and Angelica.

Sauntering carefully, bare feet placed against the ground in silence as she moved towards the side of the room that had the two broad dressers and the trunk now sitting in the middle of them both with the large mirror reflecting the white room. In the mirror, everything looked like a dream the white wall pieces and her large canopy bed re-done with the white and silver material, even the silver and small dots of gold around the room made it seem like some sort of mystical place. That was until her eyes fell to her reflection in the mirror, but then a smile slipped over her face which changed her whole demeanor. Made the girl walk with what you’d call… Swagger as the form seemed to taunt the mirror as it stepped closer to the open dressers then kneeled to the ground and lifted the top of the trunk open.

Careful hands made sure the top would stay open with a little lock that held it firmly in place. Leaning up slightly, she stared down into the trunk moving thin hands into the barrage of clothing that was folded or laid out, her fingers pressing through the material as she looked through the dresses for one certain dress. The sound of the gramophone playing the violin music in the background was soothing to the senses as it became a more relaxed atmosphere once again. Standing up now, she lifted a black, red and silver dress from the depths of the trunk and moved back across the room to the bed and laid the few dresses she had in hand on the surface of the bed, then she took a few steps back staring at the bed overlooking the dress.

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