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Caislin Hallows vs. Naiser Vale : This is a tale of two villages one of medieval, one of modern. While there is a mysterious fog that connects them where the water divides.

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The edge of it all.

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1 The edge of it all. on Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:24 pm

Tristan Shadwynn

Tristan Shadwynn
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A high pitched scream sounded through the woods calm before it thudded silent a few seconds later. Several seconds of pierce went by before again it was broken by a high pitches wail, a sound that screamed and tormented the boughs and leaves of the woods. It was to high pitched to be human surely, but because of dense foliage it seemed to echo and change giving it eery life in the gloom of the early morning fog. What banshee was out prowling in the wee hours? What was causing this lilting shrill noise to resonate with such power?

One need only delve deeper in the the mossy glade and ethereal forests to the north of the castle to find the source. In a flat of shore line, maybe inches above the water line sat a crested expanse of flat moss covered rocks. To either side of the dry land the waters trickled passed with ease, but for some unseen reason the waters in the middle were diverted and flowed around a long strip of an island. Over this stream the fog seemed to have faded already for it was clear and easy to see great distanced up and down stream from there. But the banks were still lightly blanketed in the low hanging clouds of fog.

There in the middle of the stream some hundred yards from a lone figure sat a stand much like an artists easel, only far larger and taller. On it gently rested a thick woven rug. The rug itself was not marked, painted or adorned by anything other than two close shafts. At the visible ends of the shafts a trio of feathers closely cropped per each. They were not sticks, but arrows. Finely made and fletched in pristine white. With out warning a third wail broke the scene and soon after a third arrow stuck in tight grouping form the mat.

The figure at the other end of the island of rock now moved. Slowly walked towards the mat. A quiver strapped to his back over a well worn sir coat. In his left hand a bow that seemed made of ivory was held, its long curved lengths so ornately carved and etched it seemed nearly impossible. But then again such works of craftsmanship were commonly seen around the campus, specially in the hands of the teaching staff. It seemed each person that entered the gates and took this castle as their home had a unique story to tell and carried inhuman artifacts, knowledge’s or blood. And Tristan was in fact no different.

Today in the seemingly clear light he moved forward, his visage not hidden by his seeming as usual because he was alone in the wilds. Long elvish ears, chiseled face, and strong, sleek cheek bones easily seen by any that might look his way. And when he finally reached the target he had shot he would slowly with draw the first arrow he reached and look it over carefully before returning it to the crafted quiver on his back and moving to the second arrow, then the third. After retrieving all he smiled and looked out around him softly. As if he knew another was near, but intentionally not looking at them directly yet.

2 Re: The edge of it all. on Thu Jun 16, 2011 2:54 pm


Liquid copper took up the expanse of her eyes as she glanced around the maze of tress, pupils constantly dilating depending on the range of light. In her arms she clutched a most disgruntled feline, the large animal taking most of her strength to hold. Pink tinged lips curved in a delicate frown, teeth seizing the moment to gnaw through a few layers of skin. Neit blinked as the animal in her arms heaved a most exaggerated sigh and gave her a pointed look.

“I know I know! But I could have sworn it was this way, Zae. I just missed a turn around here somewhere…” A tail thumped her hip and it was her turn to sigh as she started forward again. Neit managed only a few steps before her grip on her companion slipped and he landed on the ground with a most indignant huff. Trying to keep herself from laughing she shook her head, “I’m sorry Zae, you’re not as light as you use to be.” Just as the feline was getting ready for a retort, either a bite to her ankle or one of his lectures, she heard it.

The shrill scream ripped through her sensitive ears and caused her to double over. Hands protectively on either side of her head, she waiting… Two more sounded and it took all her strength to remain still. She knew that sound, that whistle of an arrow tearing through the air towards its mark, practically unstoppable. Blinking a few times she glanced around, looking for her cat who was of course no where to be found. Silently cursing him she edged forward. She heard the slow flow of water and tasted its inviting aroma on her tongue.

Crouching down, much like the feline she was at heart, Neit slunk to the edge of cover, remaining back in the shadows to watch. It took only a moment to notice him. The hairs at the nape of her neck stood on end and panic flooded her gut. Fae. The last thing she wanted to run into was a creature of any Court. Slowly backing up she froze when she noticed the familiar blur of black dart past her.

Large paws bounded from dry land to rock top, carefully avoiding even the brush of water as he made his way across. Like any of his kind, the normal ones at least, he paid the Fae no heed. Cat Siths weren’t technically a part of any court or faction; they did what they wanted when they saw fit to do so. Trained only in the art of deals they took every chance they could to barter for something. Even if this school was going to put a damper on it, Zae’Za wasn’t about to let a fairy stand in the way of his exploration. Ears perked, one trained on the man, the other on his companion, he found himself a warm stone and settled. He fluffed his tail before sitting and curling it around his paws. Sitting straight he looked like a regal feline, larger than any household pet though hardly contending with the Pantherinae family.

Among the sea of black fur sat a diamond of white at his chest, proudly displayed with a speck of dirt or a hair out of place. Remaining quiet for only so long, he finally spoke up with a voice that was a half rumble of a purr and growl. Never once did he move his lips but his voice was, more or less, clear enough to be understood. “Hello Elfling. Do you happen to know which way Caislin Hallows is? We seem to be lost.” Ears flicked back in mild annoyance, Neit was positively horrible with directions in his opinion. Zae’Za sat there, awaiting his answer as if there was nothing odd with a cat being in the middle of nowhere…talking no less.

3 Re: The edge of it all. on Thu Jun 23, 2011 6:45 pm

Tristan Shadwynn

Tristan Shadwynn
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Tristan looked to the cat as it silently darted form land to land without getting so much as a hair wet and then he looked back towards where the cat came from with a smirk. He had thought he sensed something in the wylds around him, but for it to be another Fae was not what he saw coming “Greetings, Cat” he said bemused but respectfully as he bowed lightly. His eyes stayed respectful on the being slinking before him and he ignored the one that must be embarrassed in the woods by the edge of the stream. “You are not terribly far from the Hallows.” he started as he rested the tip of his bow on his foot gently “Maybe 7 or eight miles downstream.” he gestured lightly with his eyes passed the cat and then smiled.

“I could take you soon enough if you'd like?” he was of course a Seelie Fae and thus generally friendly, especially to ones that not sought but belonged in the protected school he resided in, and a talking cat, nearly regardless of whom, was still hiding seemed like a good fit there. That and the Cat seemed familiar to him. But many students had come and gone form the school in the time he had been here, and he never knew all of them it wasn’t his duty. “Though your friend will have to show themselves before we could ever be off. “ he smiled warmly and gave the hidden girl a moment to come out of she wanted. He on the other hand twisted his grip on the bow and stepped one leg through it lightly. Then catching the tip on his other leg he pressed down and forward to un-string it in a very well performed and practiced manner.

As the sting came off and he stepped back to normal the bow it self vanished in a haze as he will the the magic that created it away and he returned from hence he got it. He was not trying to brag or be showy, but he WAS a Sidhe, and there were some ways in which he could not avoid being flashy in his actions. Amusingly if any one looked the arrows and quiver vanished when the bow did , leaving ht Fae disarmed, well disarmed looking. And when he fully addressed the Cat in his stance he continued to speak, now smirking wildly “Of course one must wonder what it is worth to a lost Kat in the wilds, surrounded by water, to be lead to safety

Truthfully Tristan didn’t really want a reward, rewards lead to deals contracts and giving ones word for something. But he recognized the cats type and knew this was a far more interesting manner in which to convince it to follow him towards the school than just showing him the way, and who knew. Maybe later on a cat owing him a favor might be amusing.... really though worse to worse he made the cat chase a rat out of his studies or fetch things for a potion … it wasn’t like Tristan was evil.

4 Re: The edge of it all. on Thu Jul 07, 2011 12:47 pm


Claws slid from between onyx tuffs of fur, pinpoint precision exacting minor revenge upon the earth as a drop of water dared to tarnish his fur. It took but a moment to set things straight again, sandpaper tongue smoothing out all wayward strands. Only when everything was back in place did he once more acknowledge the Fae, bowing his head with his ears tilted back ever so slightly. Graceful and yet the Cat Sith held an air of distain around him, especially when he glanced at the slow moving stream. “Seven miles, we were not too terribly off course. Luckily. All this sight seeing is not to my liking.” It was well past his resting time, he had yet to fully relax with all of Neit’s excited babble about the school. He found nothing at all fascinating about it, not when the Fairylands had seemed so charming in the beginning as well.

Neit inched forward when the Seelie was busy with his…trick, for that’s all she could see of it. All the Fae had some power up their sleeves; even the Seelie breed could be cruel when they saw fit. The light and dark sides of the court were hardly of her concern, her breed straddled the line between the worlds. Most lower class Fae did, unless they publicly announced their alliance, something neither Cat Sith would ever consider. Not now at least.

Like her companion, Neit easily maneuvered across the top of the rocks, careful to avoid the water. The steady flow didn’t bother her as much as the other, but instincts were still hardwired for her other form. She slunk forward and stood just behind the large feline, arms crossing across her stomach as she bowed her head to the Seelie Fae. Her eyes, mirrors of Zae’Za, were slits of black. Pupils constricting in a line with the faintest edge of a diamond shape to it, the rest of her eyes consumed by a mix of gold and copper. She glanced around the clearing, straining her hearing for any sign of danger or deceit. All Fae were a tricky lot.

Ears twitched forward as he stole a quick look towards Neit, breath rushed through his nose in a strangely dignified snort of sorts. “She will pay your price since she was one that refused to take direction from me.” Darkness rippled, smooth and shiny along his body as he shook out his fur, “Do make haste, I tire of all this water.” Ears pinned back along his skull, flattening into the tuff of his fur as he stepped towards the edge of the rock.

It took everything she had not to push him; a little nudge was all it would take to send Zae’Za and his superiority complex into the stream. Yet at his glare she simply offered the feline a smile before focusing on the Seelie, “Forgive him, I am afraid we’ve had a long trip and he gets rather cranky without his naps.” She bowed her head again, wild tendrils of hair falling free of their twisted cage. Paperclips bent to harness her hair in a punk style of sorts, the strands slowly wiggling free the more she moved. Reaching up she flicked a piece away from her eyes then settled her gaze on him. The Seelie was like most of his kind, charming in looks and likely the same with his personality, but something compelled her to trust him. Foolishly she wanted to trust these human inclinations. “Name your price Seelie and I’ll see if it is a fair deal to be traded.” She had but favors and a handful of possessions, her secrets and tricks of the trade were worth more but she couldn’t barter with everything she had in the beginning.

5 Re: The edge of it all. on Thu Aug 25, 2011 3:19 pm

Tristan Shadwynn

Tristan Shadwynn
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“Depending on your path that seven miles might be two or three hours” He told the cat with a smirk and he looked down river towards the school. He didn’t care if he gave the direction away, they were students. The 'cat' was annoyed with the person behind it, the person with feline eyes. Oh yes Tristan noticed that and more about her swiftly. But it was age and experience. The manner in which she moved over the water for instance, very cat like for a human, and not just one that traveled with a cat. The water lapped at her more than the feline but it was lack of grace, not care that soaked her toes and shoes with a splash her and there. He smiled as she spoke and he spoke in return..

“Well, being it will take me two hours or more to guide you to the gate, and the same to return here again I shall make my charge simple “He looked downstream again and then started to walk towards the girl and her pile of fur and attitude, mostly likely called pet when in public. “You are costing me four hours that shan't be returned. I expect them back” He stopped several feet away in pretense that they might discuss his offer before she was forced to agree to it blindly, but he didn’t stop talking for more than a pause, he had to clarify his desire after all. “You shall return them with your own time. But, since I am the one doing first, I shall expect interest. I give you my time first, and in return for guidance to the school, direction and companionship” he clarified he wold be going with them, not handing them a compass “You shall give me your time. Four hours from you” He motioned towards Neit “And two hours from you” He gestured of course towards Zae.

Then with a very crude smile, and after another pause “Or shall I be only guiding her to the school grounds and leaving you here for high tide?” he looked up stream and cocked his head slightly before turning back towards the pair of wilderness wanderers before him. With a faint smile he would of course cast his illusionary magics. Though with his greater age, and training it was done easily under his breath barely moving his lips before he had turned to look back towards them. It was nothing dangerous, just deceitful. A simple conjuration to make them think the water was actually getting deeper very slowly. Maybe a half in , maybe an inch... but not faster than a minute at a time... a nice slow trickle of additional volume into the stream.

Then as he waited for them to notice and answer he crossed his arms over his chest. If he had their kin right there was going to be a counter offer, and then bartering. Then again the cats tail might get wet fast enough to quell their desire to wait it out in the center of the body of water. Who knew? Personally Tristan was not planning on walking all the way back to the hallows, so his original time argument was far from honest... but there was no way to expect this type of negotiation to be honest until the final shake and agreement was made.

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