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Caislin Hallows vs. Naiser Vale : This is a tale of two villages one of medieval, one of modern. While there is a mysterious fog that connects them where the water divides.

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Nature Empathy, Day 1

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26 Re: Nature Empathy, Day 1 on Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:38 pm

Bruxa Vipir

Bruxa Vipir
Often as of late, Bruxa would ensure the obediance of her new pet. The young black wolfling trotted by her side, having grown into a faithful companion. The training for the day finished as they left the hidden lake, the place he was first bound to her and taken to on a weekly basis. A faint growl trembled through her lips...conversing in the animals native tongue along with the wave of a gloved hand, dismissing the beast so he may run and roam the woods upon their trek back to her dwelling.

Frequently they took a hidden path that would come up behind the secret garden, the usual area her and the canine familiar would meet up to continue their journey home. She stayed within the deep shade provided from the canopy of the forest. Flesh completely covered with black clothing which protected her from the dangerous rays of sunlight. The dark cloak that completely covered her from head to toe, keeping the small frame donned in leggings, top and biker like boots laced up to her knees hidden beneath. Large sunglasses obscured her eyes under the cowled hood.

Skittering here and there to dodge gleams of the grievous illumination that filtered through the trees. Bruxa wavered from her usual passage and found herself moving towards the greenhouse. She heard the voice...the voice she had heard before... the green demon? Curiously she moved towards the sound, the mutterings of words... and who was he speaking with?

To anyone who spied her approach she might appear as some sort of surreal monk. The small group came into view, seated...most of them ...just ahead. Pitch black eyes darted from the horned professor to Kalika. Remembering the woman from her first meeting with the Puppeteer and how the elegant female had seemed to have some sort of distain towards her from the beginning. Bruxa let a faint smile twitch onto her mouth at the thought as her gaze moved to Jarrik, glancing over him breifly, someone she had yet to encounter. Next was another boy, also an unknown who seemed to sit quietly and listen.

That smile tilted and remained askewed, giving her a mischevious look as those coal black orbs finally rested upon the girl. "Mmmm, the one who got away..." Bruxa murmured quietly even as the suggestion was given for the group to close their eyes and become one with nature.

27 Re: Nature Empathy, Day 1 on Thu Jul 14, 2011 11:12 am


It was interesting, watching Miss Margo sweep in and then leave in the same manner. Did the woman never stop to chat? Angelica had beeen thinking of asking if she could do the cooking for the Ball, but she'd just have to go there afterclass and find out...because the magic woman left as quickly as she'd come. Her crystal eyes followed her, noting how she moved with such grace and poise. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing to take the formalites class...

Her crystal eyed gaze left the spot where the woman had gone and slid back to the Professor. She smiled as he talked. And it was easy to tell when he reached out and touched her with his nature. Nana had insisted that she learn to become one with Nature and learn to let the sense take over. She was glad of it now, but she remembered putting up a fight when Nana had mentioned it. She was glad, now, that the old woman had made her learn.

She followed the Professors instructions, and closed her eyes. Sweet meditation! She let her mind go blank and inhaled deeply. In a near spirit form, she reached out, looking at herself and her classmates through anothers eyes. She was staying close, letting the nature of the direct setting wash over her, and comfort her in a way that only it could. Dreamily she watched, unaware of anything else outside their little circle.

28 Re: Nature Empathy, Day 1 on Thu Jul 14, 2011 6:11 pm

Jarrik Grey

Jarrik Grey
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Jarrik was very interested now, with the class, and the school in general when the beauty showed up to talk about the ball. Though he was not much for social gatherings, this might be his chance to mingle with others, maybe even others like himself, if there were any here.

After the woman had left, Jarik turned his attention back on the teacher, who was now introducing them to the "curriculum" that the class would follow. He nodded when the teacher turned his gaze to him, then smirked as he made the joke about humans, losely speaking of course. He found that he liked this teacher. He seemed to want to learn about his students and the class as much as the students from him.

As Jarrik settled into his meditation, his eyes still open, as he always tried to stay tuned to his surroundings, as was his nature, a new scent caught his attention. Two actually come to think of it. One, he couldn't place, until he saw her standing near the rear of the secret garden, watching the class. He watched her gaze fall upon the students, hisself included, before stopping at Angelica beside him. He didn't know what to think of it now, but would definitely be on gaurd around this one, until which time when he could understand more of who, and what she was.

The second smell was one that he hadn't caught in a while, but which he knew instinctively of. It was a wolfling, and he was betting that it was the new ones companion. He didn't know how he felt about that one either, though he would let it slide.

29 Re: Nature Empathy, Day 1 on Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:22 am

Kalika Kali Ma

Kalika Kali Ma
Sunlight crawled over her spine to shred her skin and piece it back together, couple that with boredom and she was going to go out of her mind. What little sanity that was left would erode and wash away in the dreary shine of light. A rather odd way to put it but she didn’t feel at all poetic at the moment. No, she could hardly even focus on the boy as lacking in detail as his story could possibly be. No flare of drama, no heroic moment and nothing at all interesting about the way he was hunted. The only consolation prize was the fact that he wasn’t too hard on the eyes, yet nothing of her type.

If Kalika had a type that is. To her a plaything was just someone that caught her fancy at the right point in time, if they had power then the deal was all the more sweet. Humans were short lived toys, easily broken and far too prone to attachment for her liking. They thought a moment meant more than she ever did.

Digits flexed, her muscles felt sore and her joints far too stiff. Every move had one bone or another popping and cracking back in place. She was just about to get up and excuse herself when a most familiar presence greeted her senses. Eyes darted towards her entrance and the Unseelie grinned as the Mistress of Formalities appeared. Grand and elegant as always, even as she was stalked by a wooden helper… Kalika always did enjoy the company of Margo, both creatures of darkness in their own right. She glanced to the flyers being placed for the ball and grinned, what a brilliant idea to bring everyone together. What a wonderful chance for some chaos.

She was rather disappointed that the other didn’t stay, didn’t relieve her of some of this boredom but she understood. Madam Margo was eccentric, especially at moments like this, dashing forth to spread the news and disappearing without so much as another word. Amusing to Kalika, a moment of reprieve from the droll introductions and the worrisome thoughts of the sun.

Tuning back into class she glanced towards the Professor, took in his appearance once more before fully listening. She caught most of what he said, intrigue slithering through her mind like a corrupt serpent. Twisting her thoughts to what this class could hold if she could only remain. The moment of meditation and relaxing was all she would need to slip away, yet she stayed for some unknown reason. Leaning back against the bark of her claimed tree she tried to follow directions. Tried to ease her mind and relax her spirit. It was something she just simply couldn’t do. Not here. Not around others who saw a human woman, albeit one with a touch of power but nothing more.

To truly be one with Nature she would have to shed her glamour and shake off the remaining control of her monster. Unseelie though she was, she could never be comfortable in the sunlight around others. To blank out her mind and ride a wave of meditated peace was just something she couldn’t do. In the darkness of the night, perhaps, but then it wouldn’t be the peace that everyone was hunting for. Not at all, she would naturally call monsters to them. They would be drawn to her like wolves to a carcass, ready to devour whatever she had yet to touch. Something she wouldn’t risk, not yet at least.

Then she felt it. Instincts rising up, the feel of a predator approaching. Her skin crawled with the need to act, the need to jump up and confront this new addition. Kalika remembered the feel of this presence, though the memory was faint and hard to conjure. Like trying to remember something that happened when you were a child, it could be done but there was a certain way to go about it. Eyes narrowed until their color could barely be seen beneath the cover of her lashes. Lips curled into a twisted mix of a snarl and a smirk.

She remembered.

It was a faint feeling at first, considering the night she had met the other was one full of events. The time she had struck a deal with the Puppeteer, refusing to phrase it as rescued him. They had been halfway out of the cemetery when she had felt the child, the monster inside rumbled in remembrance. If it hadn’t been for the Puppeteer, Kalika wouldn’t have tolerated the invasion. The fact that the other had listening and watched, kept hidden to study was something Kalika could both admire and detest. It was a skill that most hunters possessed, a skill that most hated when it came to others.

Straightening out she regarded the female, the garb of dreary black material and the way she hung back. Interesting and perhaps worth the wait to see what would happen next.

30 Re: Nature Empathy, Day 1 on Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:55 pm

Neihem Steelwynd

Neihem Steelwynd
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Neihem's sense of all around him felt the dark presence of the vampire and her companion even before the prowling gryphon's thoughts touched his mind. He wondered if his class had just gotten larger, or if this was some sort of intrusion.

Black eyes opened slowly as she entered the small thicket where the class sat in their varied states of meditation. He sent a mischievous thought to Ashuur and smiled at the vampire. "Ah, it seems we have yet another guest. Ashuur, don't be rude, now."

At his word, the small gryphon swooped down from the tree behind Bruxa and landed lightly on her shoulder, rubbing playfully at her face.

"Hello, child," he said ironically, knowing that the vampire could very well be as old as himself despite her youthful appearance. "Class, I believe that is a good enough start on our nature sense for one day. I do not want to tire anyone out, nor do I want to bore anyone to death," he added with a smirk in Kalika's direction.

He turned his attention back to the vampire. "Have you come to join us?"

31 Re: Nature Empathy, Day 1 on Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:58 pm

Bruxa Vipir

Bruxa Vipir
Bruxa stayed fixated upon the young girl as she closed her eyes, dutifully following the directions of the horned instructor. Even though her focus was on the female that she had met in the old district with the Puppeteer, she was still acutely aware of the others eyes turning towards her direction.

The young wolfling skulked up behind her and stood silently, watching over the small group as his Mistress continued staring at Angelica. Perhaps because she had been the one who got away...Bruxa wanted her more than ever, especially with the bold off handed dismissal the girl had given once the librarian had so rudely interrupted. That puckish smile twisted into a light sneer with the memory which was dashed aside with the spoken words of that green demon.

Eyes cut towards the horned professor beneath the dark sunglasses. Head twitching towards the side as the equally strange creature alit upon her shoulder, attempting to rub its body against her face. The wolfs attention drew up to the gryphon and let out a low gutteral growl. Bruxa quieted her own familiar with a wave of a gloved hand and pointing towards the ground beside her. The solid black canine sat by her side with the silent bidding, a faint whimper as its azure gaze stayed steadfast upon the animal on Bruxas shoulder.

"Twas not intentional to join your ....class?" That rich southern accent flowed with each word. "But I do declare that it seems that is exactly what I have done..." A faint smile seeped back onto the bowlike mouth as those raven orbs stole back to that one girl.

32 Re: Nature Empathy, Day 1 on Wed Jul 27, 2011 3:01 pm


The ability to let nature overwhelm her was such a wonderful feeling. Again, she felt intense appreciation for Nana and her insistence that Angelica learn such an ability. Her body drew in a deep breath and exhaled slowly, allowing more relaxation. Meditation did wonders for a persons perspective on life.

The sound of voices drew her back though, and she fell into herself with a minor jolt. Her meditatation process hadn't been close to completed, and so now she felt a little dizzy and lightheaded. What a good thing that she was sitting down!

Her crystal eyes moved over every face in their group and then back to the newcomer. Her heart did a double beat and she swallowed hard. Oh dear...The pretty lady was the middle of the day. She froze for a moment, but then quickly relaxed. If the woman meant her harm, she wouldn't do it here. She would simply wait until there was no one else around. She shifted a little to turn more and gave her a smile. Even in the face of this right now, she wasn't sure that the woman's intent was to hurt her. Maybe she simply wanted to be friends?

33 Re: Nature Empathy, Day 1 on Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:18 am

Jarrik Grey

Jarrik Grey
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By now, he could tell that something was definitely up between the newcomer, and angelica, which bothered him greatly. He wasn't sure why, but he had always felt protective over her, even though he barely knew her, and their first encounter had led to such tragedy. Now here he was, getting a strange vibe coming from the newcomer, directed straight at angelica.

then he caught Angelica's apprehension towards the new female. Its not something he smelled, or even heard. He just felt that something was definitely not right between the two. " Are you okay?"he whispered as he leaned in close to angelica, not taking his eyes off of the female, who by now had joined the class.

"Whats your wolflings name?" He asked the newcomer aloud as he straightened up.

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