Caislin Hallows

Caislin Hallows vs. Naiser Vale : This is a tale of two villages one of medieval, one of modern. While there is a mysterious fog that connects them where the water divides.

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Caislin Hallow's History.

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1 Caislin Hallow's History. on Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:06 pm


Built in 1618, Caislin was one of the longest standing castles, including Astrium and Belledist, of her family lineage. Two Centuries passed before her beauty would be reclaimed by a Lord Liam Tomas Mac Cosgair visiting from the southern extremity of Meath. Lord Cosgair came from a wealthy lineage. With the help of his fellow man, Caislin was able to stand on her own feet again. The restoring process took up to 4 years, marking her new birth date of 1845. Lord Cosgair believed in only one thing... Education. Education was the key to everything in the new world trying to survive by forcing those of lesser to motivation to strive to be more.

Social classes did not exist in Lord Cosgair’s area of influence. He treated everyone as equals by giving each a hand in success. Lord Cosgair soon married a bride he meet while seeing to the newfound college. His bride, Aednat Shaw, shared his same views on the world. Together they were joined in Holy Matrimony in 1846. The loving couple could be seen around the castle at all hours aiding students, along with giving late night sessions. She gave birth to a little girl, giving her the name of Dierdre. As the heart and joy for the couple, this was some of the most blessed time at Casilin Hallows.

The student population was growing as word spread across the globe. In two years, they had 200 students filling different subjects offered. For those that could not afford the class prices were offered jobs working on the grounds of the Castle. The light giggles of Deirdre would fill the corridors. It wasn’t until Aednat became with another child that the laughter’s doubled with the joys of a young boy. Aednat had given birth to a son, Orin.

Sadly in 1900, Lord Liam Cosgair became suddenly ill and died. It was then the horrors of an empty castle, filled to the brim with students, when Aednat began to feel her first desperate lonely sorrows. These sorrows overcame Aednat, and soon after she followed her husband by hanging herself. Deirdre then took over her father’s place as Dean over the College, while her brother Orin was at war. Deirdre never married as her passion for teaching the students was her life. While Orin was away at war, Deirdre did fall in love with a young student, the affair left her giving birth to a daughter Roisin in 1910. Her daughter, Roisin, brought the desperate need of cheery laughter, breathing life back into the Halls once again.

The Deirdre and Orin successfully ran the school until their tragic deaths in 1935. The school would single handedly fall into the hands of Roisin, the daughter of Deirdre. The Tragedy of losing both of her beloved uncle and mother left her weakened with little desire to run the College. If it wasn’t for her lover Lorcan she would of closed the College doors for the last time. Once joined together in Marriage in 1937 Lorcan and Roisin continued to run her grandfather’s vision.

Roisin became with child and gave birth two a set of twins, a boy Keegan and a girl Ailis in 1940.

Laughter once again filled the hallways of Caislin as the little duel kept things always in motion. Asking questions of the students, playing pranks on the teachers or even playing hide and seek for hours were the past times of Keegan and Allis. Roisin and Lorcan continued to run the school, watching as their children grew up. The twins were inseparable by becoming each other shadows, even in their school work the two seemed to have some type of bond. As Roisin was a very talented teacher, Lorcan was an expert falconer. He taught many the art of falconry, even his children.

As Ailis was the more book worm out of the two, she would help Keegan in what he didn’t understand or have the patience to do. He would, in turn, teach her the ways with a sword and tricks with falconry. In 1960 Roisin became very ill and died in her sleep one night. This sudden death took the twins and Lorcan by surprise. Lorcan became very distant for the next two years, barely even leaving the master bed room. The only time he came out was to end his life, drinking a poison so that "thy Romeo could follow his Juliet". Luckily, Ailis and Keegan were both of age to handle most of the assets of the school with a little help from some of the mentors.

Out of jest, one night Keegan and Ailis had reverted back to their old ways running through the castle by playing hide and seek. It was that night that Ailis was meet with different type of fate. Hiding from Keegan in the secret garden, one of their favorite places, a hidden visitor was there. Someone Ailis had never seen before. It was at the end of that night that things for Ailis would never be the same.

Keegan and Ailis started to draw apart; he could not handle her new ideals and rule changes that soon followed, including allowing new races into the college grounds. The two of them could be heard in the castle's chambers late at night in fights, lashing out at each other. Ailis tried her hardest to explain, but for Keegan there was no budging. Perhaps Keegan felt responsible for what had happened to his sister . As time passed, Keegan became more and more displeased with her actions.

One day, after several years, she tried to sit down with Keegan to explain all of her burdens and strifes. Nevertheless, it was a relentless struggle of verbal blows, one after the other. Eventually Keegan exclaimed that he would not have anything to do with it and one day just simply disappeared. Like, their old games of hide and seek Ailis could not ever find Keegan again.The loving brother that always protected his sister was now gone. Ailis continued on with her vision to run the college, though she does spend a lot of days sitting staring out of a window with blood red streaks staining her cheeks.

Her vision was to have a place where a common ground could be made for those who differed both mentally... and physically. The only way to quell the struggles between vampires, lycans, and humans alike was to create a common ground so that all may be treated as equals. This brought much strife, and nearly caused the closure of the school grounds. Nevertheless, her never ending struggle for equality is still upheld high throughout the school grounds.

Nevertheless, only time would tell....

2 Dividing Naiser Vail on Sat Jun 18, 2011 3:30 am



A sleek black sedan, the sunlight shimmering across its surface, rumbled down the rough Irish roads, its shocks creaking quietly with every bump. The car crept along the drive to Caislin Hallows, and stopped in front of the main entryway with a soft whine of its breaks, as if complaining about the journey. After cutting the engine driver hopped out and circled the car, opening the rear passenger door nearest the University.

A middle-aged man dressed in a dark suit stepped out of the vehicle and looked up at the school with sharp blue eyes. The determined set of his jaw defied the weariness written in wrinkles across his face, creases cut into flesh from a hard life. “It hasn’t changed since I left,” exhaled the man, the sigh of his words the softest thing about him.

On that fateful day, Ravelin Moore, the prodigy of Caislin Hallows, returned to forever change the history of the school. It had been over three decades since he had graduated top of his class from the university. There had never been a challenge he had not met and surpassed, no class in which he had not excelled. Genius such as his was rare, and it was partly what had brought him to Caislin Hallows as his great intellect was part of his gift that made vampires and lycanthropes and other oddities suitable peers. His personality though had put him at odds with everyone, making him as dangerous as a feral werewolf, as he was a disciple of Machiavellian doctrine.

Moore’s first act upon returning to Ireland was to donate a hefty sum of money to his old college, which while accepted, made the headmistress leery of his motives. His second act amounted to a declaration of war between himself and the vampiress as he bought more and more land within the village, she had strived to maintain as a primitive, rural Irish community. Within a week, construction began, I-beams rising from the earth like the bones of exhumed giants. Terrified that the school, a sanctuary of the supernatural, a vault of secrets that spanned centuries, might soon be thrust into the light of modern day for all of the world to witness, the Headmistress strove to preserve the village as it had been as long as she remembered.

From then on, Naiser Vail was no longer a small rural village seemingly trapped in time on the Emerald Island. Instead, it grew to the size of a town and was divided into two districts: New District, resplendent with its modern stores, coffee shops, restaurants and condos; and Old District, the surviving remnants of the old village owned by men and women that refuse to sell out to Moore and are stern followers of tradition and unknowingly are under the Headmistress’s sway.

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