Caislin Hallows

Caislin Hallows vs. Naiser Vale : This is a tale of two villages one of medieval, one of modern. While there is a mysterious fog that connects them where the water divides.

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1 Forum Bylaws on Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:50 pm


Caislin Hallows is a roleplay forum set in modern-day Ireland with strong fantasy elements.

Location-wise, there are two portions of the setting: the first, the University itself; the second, a nearby town that is split, half under the influence of the school, which keeps it more traditional and almost medieval, and the other half under the influence of an economic figure pushing for modernization.

For character creation, there is a balancing system in place to ensure that all characters are of comparable strength. A player is allowed to play any kind of character pending administrator approval. A character on the forum may fulfill any one of many roles, typically either focusing on the town or the university. A few general classifications are: teacher, student, or staff member on the school side; or, merchant, law enforcer, or criminal. Members are not restricted to fill these roles though and any kind of character is welcome to join the forum. The system in place is used strictly to balance characters and is described in Character Creation and Balancing.

By joining and playing on the Caislin Hallows forum, you are agreeing to the following rules. Any player caught breaking these rules will be dealt with as required.

  • 1) OOC Must Remain OOC.—Any disagreement that starts Out Of Character (OOC) is to remain OOC and if brought IC will result in a severe ramifications against the offending player(s). Players are to respect each other and if this cannot be done, they must at least play nicely together IC. As an addendum to this rule, any information gained by a player should be kept OOC and not be used by their character IC unless it is agreed upon by the player and any other party involved that the character would have that information as well. For example, if a player reads another player’s character sheet, his character does not know that information regarding the other player’s character without having a good reason. The only exception is information that is very obviously public about the character, such as if the character has a pet dragon which is almost always at its side—there is leniency to account for “off stage” rumors.
  • 2) Enter A Thread Informed—Before a character enters an active thread, the player should read the most current posts in that thread, if not all previous posts. If an “entering post” is too off subject or does not comply with the other posts, it will be removed.
  • 3) Keep Cussing to A Minimum—While there is no word censor on the forum, the forum, excluding the adult section, is still supposed to be comparable to PG-13 content, so please try to refrain from excessive use profanity.
  • 4) Keep Active in Threads—While there is no restriction on the number of threads a single character and/or player may be in, a player must be able to post to all of their threads in a timely fashion. It is suggested that a player not overburden themselves and try to maintain only a few threads at a time. It would be preferred if no one was kept waiting longer than a span of three days.
  • 5) Post Requirements—Caislin Hallows is a paragraph plus roleplay forum which requires players to post at least a decent sized paragraph when they post. One-lining and semi-paragraph roleplay is not acceptable. Posts must also be in the third person. First person may only be used for memories or thoughts which must be italicized.
  • 6) Character Sheets—Every character requires an approved character sheet to be played on Caislin Hallows. After reading Character Creation and Balancing, a player may create a character sheet that lists all of their abilities and traits. If it is not listed on your sheet, you do not have it. Once the sheet is done, the player must post it as a new thread in the Character Sheet section of the forum. An administrator will review the sheet and either contact the player or approve the sheet. If the sheet is approved, the player may begin posting as their character and the sheet will be later moved into the accepted sheet section by an administrator. If it is not approved, an administrator will work with the player until they have made an acceptable sheet. In very rare cases will a sheet simply be refused.
  • 7) Sexual Content—Sexual content is restricted to the “Between the Sheets” of the forum Players do not generally have access to this section of the forum and cannot see or post in it. For a player to gain access to this ‘adult section’ of the forum, they must request it from an administrator after meeting certain qualifications listed in the “Mature Thread Rules” below.
  • 8) No God-moding—No player may ‘God-mode’ their character at any points. Examples of ‘God-moding’ are, but not limited to, always evading attacks, ignoring damage, performing overpowered attacks, not following the rules outlined for the forum, and using abilities not listed in the character sheet.
  • 9) Combat—Unless special permission is requested from an administrator, all combat is considered sparring and thereby non-lethal to all parties involved. For sparring, T1 style, while preferred, is not required. Please refer to Rules of Engagement before initiating combat. Only in an administrator sanctioned duel of the ‘to the death’ variety may a character die, unless approved by the player of the character that would die. In sparring, all lethal wounds result in the character going unconsciousness. To allow players to improve their combat roleplaying skills or to just have a nonsensical fight, the Caislin Hallows Arena was created for players to fight. Within the arena, a player is not required to even play as their own character, though they must provide a listing of abilities for whatever character they are using.
  • 10) Dueling—If two players agree upon a duel and have it sanctioned by an administrator, the two players are required to leave all other threads before initiating the duel. T1 rules will be used for the duel with an administrator acting as judge. The duel must take place after any thread the players exited as to prevent any time paradoxes. A sanction duel is the only way a character on the forum can be truly killed, and the duel must be of the ‘to the death’ variety. If a character is killed, they will be no longer able to play on the forum.
  • 11) Posting Quota—A character is required to post a minimum of two times a week. If a player has more than one character on the forum, they are required to post twice a week for each character. If a player cannot maintain this quota, they should either contact an administrator or post a Leave of Absence notice in the OOC section.
  • 12) Multiple Characters—A single player may play multiple characters, but it is the sole discretion of the administration if the player may due so. Administrators will allow or block a player from playing more than one character on the merits of the player’s posting speed and ability to maintain all threads in which they are active. Typically, players will not be allowed more than two characters. A player will not be allowed more than three characters.
  • 13) Non-Player Characters(NPCs)—Players are asked to not create unnecessary NPCs. In many cases, there is a character fulfilling the role of an NPC, such as the shopkeeper or the tavern waitress. Players fulfilling such roles are listed in Class Rosters and Staff Positions. If no player is listed fulfilling the role, then an NPC may be used but this is to be done sparingly and sometimes requires the approval of an administrator.
  • 14) Mature Threads—Any thread that contains sex and/or any extremely graphic or violent content will be required to carry an “M” tag so that everyone is aware of the thread’s possible content.
  • 15) Character Pictures—Pictures used for characters, on the character sheet and as the profile avatar or anywhere else on the forum, must be tasteful and not contain any mature content. It is preferred that the pictures are not of someone easily recognized, such as Ryu from Street Fighter or Legolas from Lords of the Rings.
  • 16) Public or Private Threads—All threads, unless labeled ‘Private’ in the title, are considered Public and thereby open to all members of the forum to join. No player may be barred from a public thread. In the case of a Private thread, members seeking to join the thread are required to gain permission from the members already involved in the thread. It is requested that members try to keep the number of Private threads to a minimum. Even though it is not required, it is still considered polite to ask before entering a thread.
  • 17) No Autoing—A character may not ‘auto’ any action.

Mature Thread Rules

The rules for the Mature User Group are in place because there may only be ten members in the User Group at a time and only four threads open in the Mature Content Section of the forum.

If a member wants to be a part of the Mature User Group (which grants access to “Between the Sheets”), then they need to understand and agree to the follow rules:

  • 1) Must Be An Active Member—To join the Mature User Group, a player must be an active member with the character in questions. An active member must: post a minimum of two times a week (meeting the quota) and be involved in two threads (class threads count). Any mature thread the character joins does not count towards the requirements to be an active member.
  • 2) Limited Threads—Since there can only be four threads in the Mature Content Section, a player in the Mature User Group may only be involved in one thread unless given specific permission by the administration.
  • 3) Must Be of Legal Age—The player must be of legal age in their country of origin to view the Mature Content.
  • 4) No Killing—There is to be no ‘to the death’ duels in the Mature Content Section, though sparring is allowed.
  • 5) Prevent Pradoxes—To prevent any paradoxes, when going from a regular thread to one in the Mature Content Section (such as in the classroom, interaction between two characters start to get hot and steam and they decided to ‘get it on’), it is preferred that the original thread is closed, requiring all characters to exit, before the new thread in the Mature Content Section is opened. If the original thread is marked Private though and only the characters moving into the Mature Content Section are involved, it is not required so long as they plan on returning to the original thread.
  • 6) Act Mature in the Mature Area—Be civil and respect other players. Auto’ing is allowed in the Mature Content Section unless otherwise specified.
  • 7) Entering an Existing Thread—All threads in the Mature Content Section are considered private and require permission from the creator of the thread for any character to join.
  • 8) Keep Active—A thread in the Mature Content Section must be responded to every three days. If there are four threads open in the Mature Content Section and one does not meet the requirement, it will be dubbed inactive and shut down by an administrator so that other members may open up a new thread.
  • 9) Temporary Member—A member granted the Mature User Group status will only maintain it so long as they are active in a thread in the Mature Content Section of the forum. After their thread has been completed, they will be removed from the user group so that others may use it when need be.
  • 10) Probation Period—New members are temporary barred from joining the Mature User Group until they have made five posts in total across at least three different threads. If required, exceptions can be made but not very often.

Failure to comply to any of the above listed rules results in an immediate annulment of a member’s Mature User Group status. Suspension or Banning from the Mature User Group may be included in the consequences, depending upon the severity of the rules being broken.

Oh and as proof you actually read all these rules, at the bottom of your sheet where it asks the Question “Anything Else” you need to enter in this password before we will approve anyone.

Currently the password is “Do the Creep-ahhhH”
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